Friday, September 05, 2008

yet more Friday stuff

more ludicrous/wonderful video box art at Final Girl.

Happy Birthday Chucky! What Would Toto Watch? watches "Child's Play".

io9 interviews Dan Rebert - effects producer for HBO's True Blood (and Stargate Atlantis & Slither)


download a free copy of Neil Gaiman's classic Neverwhere
(plus help Neil's daughter in the real life search for her missing college classmate, a NYC school teacher - Hannah Upp )

Fiona McIntosh's Odalisque: Book One of The Percheron Saga.(you'll need to add the book to your cart and then use the supplied coupon code to get it for free)

1979's The Usbourne Book of the The Pointless Museum. (via Coudal)

Hulu... Night of the Hunter