Friday, November 07, 2008

Morning stuff

Vincent Price on The Tonight Show w/ Johnny Carson (1973) (MikeTheMook)

Cool-Mo-Dee shares Out of the Night #8

Final Girl reviews Night Train to Terror

Horror Movie a Day takes on Exorcist: The Beginning

natsukashi gets Freaked!

Para Abnormal - Brain Juice!

FMC goes Ape for Thanksgiving - Mega-Marathon of Planet of the Apes Movies (and TV-Movies) set for Thanksgiving Weekend (The Forbidden Zone)

Hulu adds...
In a land of fantasy and fairytale, magic rules and one can prosper by the point of a sword. But somewhere between the realms of good and evil, a band of misfits stumble upon an artifact which could prove the undoing of all…


Ten years ago, the gateway to the Realm of the Gods and the Realm of the Demons was opened. Soon afterwards, the gods and the demons began migrating to our world.

Rt. 666: America's Scariest Home Haunts
Hosted by Halloween (2007) star Danielle Harris, this original short form series will profile some of the country's scariest, most innovative haunted houses and meet the people behind the madness.