Monday, November 03, 2008

Thanks for an Amazing Halloween!

Hope everyone had a happy, healthy, fun Halloween!

I want to sincerely thank all the amazing bloggers, writers, arists, photogrphers, musicians and devoted Halloween lovers who made this the best ever Halloween on the web.

I spent most of the evening frozen on my living room couch in abject terror - was it my annual Halloween monster movie marathon that had stunned me into fright induced paralysis? No, it was the fact that my newly teenage daughter was going out (at Night!) with a few of her girlfriends (on Halloween Night!) with, naturally, no parental supervision (did I mention it was night, when it's dark and Halloween, which is really, really scary!!). Even when she was too old to officially trick or treat she'd always tagged along with her younger sibling and cousins for the the whole house to house thing, with a big family Halloween party at the end the evening. This year she went all butterfly on us, spread her wings and flew off on her own.


... just back from a weekend of wedding festivities upstate and ready to get back to the blogging. As winter approaches I'll be ramping up the posts over at Santas Working Overtime but, rest assured, I'll be keeping up the horror end of things here as usual - just not "31 Days of Halloween" usual.

I managed 127 posts in October, actually a little bit less than I had anticipated, but I was also felled, on a couple of occasions, by some fairly hellish migraine action which slowed me down a tad. In fact I've loads of stuff I had intended to share that never made it up, and there's no point in holding on to it until next year so, I'll try to post post these goodies on a fairly regular basis.

Weekend link round-up should be ready later this evening...