Monday, December 29, 2008

flickr frights: A Spook Show Anniversary! (by halloween_guy)

Just as I was getting ready to resume normal service I've been beset by a series of technical glitches. Until I get it all sorted here's a pic from one of my favorite Flickr fiends halloween_guy...

A Spook Show Anniversary! (by halloween_guy)

Monday, December 22, 2008

flickr frights: Saucer-Men (by Sheepback.Cabin)

A slow week...

... of posting here, I'm afraid. Christmas stuff is monopolizing my time so there may only be a couple of sporadic updates this week. Once the festive season ends I expect to be up and running again with at least daily posting.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Morning Frights

UnaVíctimaMás//OneMoreVictim (by Matt - Una mirada diferente... como todas.)
UnaVíctimaMás//OneMoreVictim (by Matt - Una mirada
diferente... como

Holiday horrors: NutCracker Fantasy @ Kindertrauma & Monster Memories on
"The Abominable Snowman" from "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer."

13 has an appointment with The Mad Doctor of Blood Island

The Dead Eyes of London @ Giallo Fever

The Zombie Diaries @ Horror Movie A Day

The Last Blog on the Left reviews Splinter

Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire on Night of the Howling Beast

Horror Hacker's The Top Ten Horror Movies of 2008 plus A Movie Guide to the Saint Nicks of Horror

Top 10 Most Unforgettable Horror Films of All Time @ Yoshke

@ Cool-Mo-Dee

Vinnie Rattolle remembers Sigmund & the Sea Monsters

'Fringe' gets into the holiday spirit @ The Watcher

The Airship Destroyer @ Internet Archive
The Airship Destroyer (1909) aka The Battle in the Clouds and The Aerial Torpedo is an early short sci-fi film.
Grantbridge Street shares some Dr. Fate by Martin Pasko and Walt Simonson

The Horror of it All offers Haven of Terror

Theofantastique interviews Eric Nuzum author of The Dead Travel Fast: Stalking Vampires from Nosferatu to Count Chocula

The Goblins and the Gravedigger, by Charles Dickens @ The Classic Tales Podcast

Science Fiction Authors That Lit Geeks Think It's Cool To Read @ io9 plus Singing Supervillains Perform Their Diabolical Numbers

Ghoul Mum & Daughter @ October Effigies

7th Day of Christmas @ Para Abnormal

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

another quickie

Here's another yule-shortened entry...

13 welcomes the Return of the Fly

Exploitation Retrospect goes to Pieces

Dinner with Max Jenke on the upcoming Halloween 2

Frankensteinia lights up for Kenneth Strickfaden

Stacie Ponder offers "a small tribute to that 80s horror trend where chicks wore sports jerseys as pajamas."

Doc Savage faces "The Inferno Scheme!" @ Diversions of the Groovy Kind

Grantbridge Street hearts Zatanna

Night of the Snow Vampire
@ Groovy Age of Horror

Monday, December 15, 2008

look, some stuff!

Rain Train With Saucer.. (by Sea Moon)
Rain Train With Saucer.. (by Sea Moon)

13 takes a look and a listen to The Beast of Hollow Mountain

Anchorwoman in Peril shadows The Stalker

The Last Blog on the Left Lets the Right One In

The Lightning Bug'sLair plugs in The Driller Killer

Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire stops to pick up the Ring of Darkness

New Dunwich Horror flick: First Trailer @ Dread Central

Monster Mondays! @ Random Acts of Geekery plus Son of Frankenstein Slideshow:

Horror Hacker's Horror Power Ranking - December 15, 2008

The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari @ Horror Movie A Day

HorrorsNotDead reviews Timecrimes

The Screaming Skulls!
@ The Horrors of it All

Squid Riots: Real Life Cthulhu News

The Evil Santas of Science Fiction @ io9

Internet Archive:
In The Year 2889
IN THE YEAR 2889 Starring: PAUL PETERSON AND QUINN O'HARE A group of post A-war survivors gathered together in a valley, are menaced by cannibalistic human mutants with telepathic powers..

The Eye Creatures
The Eye Creatures (also known as Attack of the Eye Creatures, or Attack of the the Eye Creatures from a production error) is a 1965 science-fiction film about an invasion of an unnamed American countryside by a flying saucer and its silent, shambling alien occupants....

The Patchwork Girl of Oz
L Frank Baum's film of his fairy tale "The Patchwork Girl of Oz" Violet MacMillan...Ojo, a Munchkin Boy Frank Moore...Unc Nunkie, Ojo's Guardian Raymond Russell...Dr. Pipt, the Crooked Magician Leontine Dranet...Margolotte, his wife, who makes the Patchwork Girl Bobbie Gould...Jesseva, his daughter,..

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday afternoon quickie

The future Widow Ravensdeath has given me 5 minutes to bang out a quick update before I return to adorning the dungeon with the traditional holly, ivy, and sumac so ...

Dread Central's Weekly Wrap-up

Dummy of Death @ 13

Cult Trailers:
Fangface and more Saturday Morning stuff from 1978 @ Cool-Mo-Dee

The Sucker
@ Fortress of Fortitude

The Horrors of it All shares "The Well of Fear!

io9's got "The Power List: 20 Movers And Shakers In Science Fiction"

Hopefull more later...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Foul Weather Outage

I'm sorry to report your daily dose of stale linkage will not appear today as a particularly nasty storm (is that hail I hear machine gunning the roof?) has made my internet connection extra wonky and it would take hours to visit my favorite blogs.

Hopefully things will be back to normal tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Here come some links!

lady_monster (by senses working overtime)

Last Blog on the Left
reviews The Strangers

And Now the Screaming Starts
babysits The Brood

PETA and Black Hole DVD Reviews agree - Don't Torture a Duckling!

Every night was Halloween with Zacherley @ Dr Hermes Retro-Scans

Ray Bradbury's Bizarre "Earth Stood Still" Christmas Sequel
@ io9

The Vault of Horror's Interview with Victor Miller, Writer of Friday the 13th

Chris Perridas on Lovecraft and Math

Comic Previews at CBR:

The Phantom Stranger takes on a mad cult made of...children! @ The Phantom Stranger Blog

"Who Toys With Terror" @ Diversions of the Groovy Kind

The Werewolf of the Alps @ The Horrors of it All

Killer Kittens shares "Blood On Her Lips"

BibliOdyssey showcases an astonishing collection of Day of the Dead Papercuts has posted "Border Ghost Stories" by Howard Pease (1919)

Free Horror Podcast: Contagious by Scott Sigler (via Podiobooker)
From the acclaimed author of Infected comes an epic and exhilarating story of humanity's secret battle against a horrific enemy.

Across America, a mysterious pathogen transforms ordinary people into raging killers, psychopaths driven by a terrifying, alien agenda. The human race fights back, yet after every battle the disease responds, adapts, using sophisticated strategies and brilliant ruses to fool its pursuers. The only possible explanation: the epidemic is driven not by evolution but by some malevolent intelligence.
George Orwell 1984 BBC (1954) @ Internet Archive

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Afternoon Quickie

Outside Your Window.. (by Sea Moon)
Outside Your Window.. (by Sea Moon)

Quint's Movie of the Day is The Sentinel

Village of the Damned @ 13

Two Dr Jekylls & The Maze @ Black Hole DVD Reviews

Dinner with Max Jenke shovels some Dead Snow

Horror Movie A Day takes a magnifying glass to Phase IV

The Last Blog on the Left reviews The X-Files: I Want to Believe

The Thirsty Dead stop by The Lightning Bug's Lair

Who Cracked Lena Headey's Head?
@ io9

Diversions of the Groovy Kind shares Marvel Super Special #2 featuring the Savage Sword of Conan

The Fortress of Fortitude housebreaks "The Human Pet"

Found: The Lair of the Snow Monster
@ The Horrors of it All

The Shadow of the Bear @ Radio Drama Revival

At Z0mbie Astronaut Shatner reads Foundation: The Psychohistorians and appears on Zero Hour

Internet Archive has a colorized Night of the Living Dead plus Revolt of the Zombies

Friday, December 05, 2008

Friday morning frights

I am the Vampire Kid (by froggyboggler)
I am the Vampire Kid (by froggyboggler)

Kindertrauma offers up selections for a Snowbound Horror film-fest

The Vulture @ 13

Evil on Two Legs asks the cutting question "Is HATCHET a Slasher Film?"

Ain't it Cool:New Friday the 13th Trailer & The Dead Snow

Stacie Ponder at Final Girl revisits Poltergeist III while Stacie Ponder at Horror Hacker notes The Weather Outside Isn't the Only Thing That's Frightful

While She Was Out
@ Anchorwoman in Peril

Zombie (Zombi 2) @ The Daily Grind(House)

Silent Night Deadly Night @ The Lightning Bug's Lair

The Manchester Morgue shares Fatal Games

House Of Dark Shadows @ Monster Memories

The Top Ten Foreign Horror Movies of 2008 Promise an Eye-Popping, Jaw-Locking Good Time @ Horror Hacker

io9 wonders "Can Tim Burton Convert Over 1000 Hours of TV into One "Dark Shadows" Movie? plus Creature From The Black Lagoon Will Be Based On Pure Science

Vulpes Libris looks back at Frankenstein on stage and screen

Christopher Lee's Tales Of Terror, Tales of Mystery and Horror, Fireside Tales and The Exorcist all courtesy of Z0mbie Astronaut

Bozo the Robot
@ Fortress of Fortitude

The Wax Men & The Museum
@ The Horrors of it All

Skis of Death @ Grantbridge Street

Plop 12 @ negative pleasure

The Poison Belt by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle @ Librivox

Merry Krampus! from Monster Brains