Friday, December 05, 2008

Friday morning frights

I am the Vampire Kid (by froggyboggler)
I am the Vampire Kid (by froggyboggler)

Kindertrauma offers up selections for a Snowbound Horror film-fest

The Vulture @ 13

Evil on Two Legs asks the cutting question "Is HATCHET a Slasher Film?"

Ain't it Cool:New Friday the 13th Trailer & The Dead Snow

Stacie Ponder at Final Girl revisits Poltergeist III while Stacie Ponder at Horror Hacker notes The Weather Outside Isn't the Only Thing That's Frightful

While She Was Out
@ Anchorwoman in Peril

Zombie (Zombi 2) @ The Daily Grind(House)

Silent Night Deadly Night @ The Lightning Bug's Lair

The Manchester Morgue shares Fatal Games

House Of Dark Shadows @ Monster Memories

The Top Ten Foreign Horror Movies of 2008 Promise an Eye-Popping, Jaw-Locking Good Time @ Horror Hacker

io9 wonders "Can Tim Burton Convert Over 1000 Hours of TV into One "Dark Shadows" Movie? plus Creature From The Black Lagoon Will Be Based On Pure Science

Vulpes Libris looks back at Frankenstein on stage and screen

Christopher Lee's Tales Of Terror, Tales of Mystery and Horror, Fireside Tales and The Exorcist all courtesy of Z0mbie Astronaut

Bozo the Robot
@ Fortress of Fortitude

The Wax Men & The Museum
@ The Horrors of it All

Skis of Death @ Grantbridge Street

Plop 12 @ negative pleasure

The Poison Belt by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle @ Librivox

Merry Krampus! from Monster Brains