Thursday, October 25, 2007

Senses Working Overtime Rises From the Tomb!


I'm reasonably happy to report that Senses Working Overtime is back live again. I don't have much more to post this season but if I do add anything new I'll add it to both blogs. After Halloween this blog will likely only be updated sporadically. Be sure to check out the 2006 and 2005 SWO Halloween Archives if you visit.

If you're a fan of that other end of year holiday, Christmas I think they call it, be sure to return to Senses Working Overtime around Thanksgiving time for our annual yuletide countdown. And if Senses Working Overtime goes quiet again for an extended period you can always check back here for updates.

Thanks to all those who made the effort to find and promote us after the move!! I was both burned and bummed out and contemplated giving all my online activities the chop. Thanks to the kind words of a number of fine folk I've decided to keep going at least until the new year.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Return of the Leftovers From the Crypt

13 Ghosts


Prof Ravensdeath Presents
Reral Wallpaper 7 - Darkness Calls


  1. La Dimo Strzoone - Danielle Palucci
  2. Watch That Axe, Annabelle - Pino Donaggio
  3. Sparviero - Bruno Nicolai
  4. Dicky's Death - K. Komeda
  5. Killing Birds Seq 6 - C M Cordio
  6. Barrage - J Trombey
  7. Devil's Witchcraft - Les Baxter
  8. The Pursuit of Knock - James Bernard
  9. Kiriyama Attacks - Masamichi Amano
  10. Zombi 3 Seq8 - Stefano Mainetti
  11. Flight From Bobbi - Donnagio
  12. Love and Death - Claudio Gizzi
  13. Beast From 20,000 Fathoms - David Buttolph
  14. Der Vertag - Chriatian Bruhn
  15. They're Back - J Goldsmith
  16. Amour Des Deuz Filles - Fascination
  17. Evil Dead Trap - Tomohiki Kira
  18. Beelzebub - Even As We Speak
  19. Mass of the Holy Bomb - L Rosenman

Classic OTR

The Inner Sanctum Set One
Beyond the Grave
A Corpse For Halloween
The Devil's Workshop
The Lonely Sleep
The Vengeful Corpse
Sorry Wrong Corpse

The Inner Sanctum Set Two
Death For Sale
Terror By Night
Birdsong For A Murder
Beyond the Grave
Beneficiary of Death
Murder Mansion

The Inner Sanctum Set Three
The Onyx Eye
The Meek Die Slowly
No Rest For the Dead'
The Magic Tile
Murder Off the Record

blood vampire

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Spooky Tales of Chilling Terror X


Spooky Tales of Chilling Terror X
(45min, 29mb)

The Erl-King - Paul Hecht and Carole Danell
What Was It? - Nelson Olmsted
Berenice - Theodore
The Dunwich Horror - Suspense/Ronald Coleman


Monday, October 22, 2007

More Leftovers from the Crypt !



Prof. Ravensdeath Presents
The Ravensdeath Cafe 5


  1. MonsterJerk - Don Hinson
  2. The Green Slime - The Green Slime
  3. Der Hexer - Peter Thomas
  4. Jack the Ripper - Dave "Screaming Lord" Sutch
  5. Ol' Man Mose - Wingy Manone
  6. When I Held your Brains in my Arms - MST3K
  7. Not of this Earth - Monster Rally
  8. Hey Jude (Lorre) - Paul Frees
  9. Ghosts - Ooberman
  10. Sad Night - Rita Abrams
  11. Me and My Mummy - Bobby Pickett
  12. Happy Halloween - The Blanks
  13. Halloween Theme
  14. Ohio Halloween - Zak Morgan
  15. She Rides with Witches - Wizards of Kansas
  16. L'homme Invisible - Andre Popp
  17. Coven in Charing Cross - Coven

Prof. Ravensdeath Presents
The Ravensdeath Cafe 6


  1. Trick or Treat - Oscar Brand
  2. Reaper Man - Fire and Ice
  3. The Mummy's Ball - The Verdicts
  4. Games People Play (Bela) - Paul Frees
  5. Mostly Ghostly
  6. The Lambton Worm - Hedgehog Pie
  7. Bela Be Good - Ghouls
  8. Born on Halloween - Blue Magic
  9. Rosemary's Baby Lullaby - Spell
  10. Soul Dracula - Don
  11. The Headless Horseman - Kay Starr
  12. I'd Rather be Burneda Witch - Eartha Kitt
  13. Devil's Child - Phantom
  14. Seance Day - Gaitley and Fitzgerald
  15. Monster Surfer Hangin' Six - The Silly Surfers
  16. The Ripper - Stage Frite
  17. Do the Rigormortis - Don Hinson
  18. I Want to Bite Your Hand - Gene Moss

Radio Horror

Horror Classics on the Radio
Oh Whistle and I'll Come to You
Fiddler of the Reels
Keeping His Promise

Frankenstein (UK radio Play)

Ghost on the Moor (UK Radio Play)

Master of Terror: H.P. Lovecraft

At the Mountains of Maddness

The Dunwich Horror

The Return of Spooky Tales of Chilling Terror


Spooky Tales of Chilling Terror IX
(26mb, 39min)

The Haunted Palace - Roy Shakked
Ride of Terror - The Old Grey Goose
Martin, Lewis and Karloff
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - Boris Karloff
Rip Van Winkle - Walter Huston

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Why Fidelity 98 - Monsters Rule O.K.

Why Fidelity 98 - Monsters Rule O.K.

Download Podcast | Visit WhyFi Archives

Our final Halloween themed show is a deluxe, extended, giant size, glow in the dark, ultra cool, trick or treat fiesta! Enjoy...
  1. Cha-Cha With The Zombies
  2. Games Monsters Play
  3. Mad Monster Party - Ethel Ennis
  4. Monsters Rule O.K. - The Viewers
  5. The Horror Show - Sharkey Todd & His Monsters
  6. Satan Takes a Holiday - Bob Rosengarden & Phil Kraus
  7. Werewolf Serenade - Meco
  8. The Black Cat - Ozzie Nelson
  9. Too Bad You're Crazy - Jerry Whitman
  10. Terrorvision Time - Brian & Gary
  11. The Night Walker - Sammy Kaye Orch,
  12. It Must Be Swell To Be Laying Out Dead - Alex Bartha's Hotel Traymore Orchestra
  13. Dorothy My Monster - The Companions
  14. King Kong - Barrence Whitfield & The savages
  15. Vampire's Ball - Mann Drake
  16. Goblin's Parade - James Last
  17. Children's Day At The Morgue - Sheldon Allman
  18. The Voodoo Man - The Del Vikings
  19. Monster Party - Bill Doggett
  20. Skeleton in the Closet - Nat Gonella & His Georgians
  21. Ghost In A Bikini - The Judys
  22. Nobody Loves a Witch - Jean Van DerPyl
  23. Helmi Otsalla - Alamaailman Vasarat

m u super annual 101fc monsters unleashed 201fc
mu401fc Preview_08_01

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Grim Ghost 1-3

Fetid little horror/hero comic from the lovable third division folks at Atlas. First three issues in CBR format - not my scans, thanks, as always, to the originators - enjoy...

The Grim Ghost 1-3 (11mb archive/ 3 CBR files)

some sample images...


Leftovers from the Crypt !

linus nightmare

Here are a few terrifying tidbits left over from last year's countdown...


Prof Ravensdeath Presents
More Horrifying Tales of Terror


  1. In the Vampire's Lair - Al Zanino
  2. The Golden Arm
  3. To Raise the Dead - Vincent Price
  4. These Ghoulish Things
  5. Suppose You Met a Witch - William Conrad
  6. The Velvet Ribbon
  7. The Cradle that Rocked by Itself - Hecht/Danell
  8. Dracula Goes to the Dentist - Dave Rudolph
  9. The Raven - John Carradine
  10. The Story of Ichobod - Tinsletown Players
  11. The Signal Man - Nelson Olmsted
  12. The Conqueror Worm - Ken Nordine
  13. Prologue - John Houseman

Master of Terror E.A.Poe

The Poe Show 2
  1. The Raven
  2. Cask of Amontillado - Sydney Greenstreet
  3. The Case of M. Valdemar - Basil Rahbone
  4. The Tell Tale Heart
  5. The Raven - Chris Walken

Prof. Ravensdeath Presents
Feral Wallpaper 6: Sounds Satanic

  1. Dinner Music for a Monster
  2. A Little Knife Music - Jay Chattaway
  3. Haunted House
  4. The Funeral of a Friend - Tuxedomoon
  5. Angry Crowd
  6. Demons of Rage -
  7. Storm...
  8. Trance - Frizzi
  9. Organ...
  10. Spooky Sounds
  11. Procession of the Undead - Symphonette
  12. Ghouls Glide
  13. Diner of the Living Dead - John Harrison
  14. Thunder...
  15. A Drowning - Tuxedomoon
  16. Haunted House
  17. Coffins Filled with Earth - Mandible Chatter
  18. Satanic Mass Coven

Spooky Radio

The Dybbuk

A Haunting

OTR Horror Classics Set 1
The Horla
The Yellow Wallpaper
Wuthering Heights
Arsenic and Old Lace

Ghostly Tales152-00fc Aquaman53_01fc

Friday, October 19, 2007

Yet More Spooky Tales...Frankenstein Edition


Spooky Tales of Chilling Terror VIII
(30mb, 42min)

Intro - Frankenstein
Frankenstein - Boris Karloff
That's Fron-Kon-Steen - Gene Wilder & cast
Bride of Frankenstein - Boris Karloff
Frau Blucher - Cloris Leachman & cast
Son of Frankenstein - Boris Karloff
It's Alive - Gene Wilder & cast
House of Frankenstein - Boris Karloff
My Name is Frankenstein! - Gene Wilder & cast
The Monster of Frankenstein - Power Records

WitchingHour8-01 wh_06_000
wh_05_000 Witching Hour 04 - 01 front cover

31 Days of Halloween: Day 19

The Ravensdeath Reader Horror Comic Sampler Vol 3
(60 pages, 31mb cbr - comic book reader file)


ravensdeath3-051 ravensdeath3-039

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

31 Days of Halloween: Day 17


Prof. Ravensdeath presents
Feral Wallpaper 11

(47min, 35mb,)

The Missing Blood (Mutant) - Richard Band
Presagio Di Nubi - Franco Ferrara
Pursuit/The Death of Lucy (Horror of Dracula) - James Bernard
Vampire Circus
Horrors of the Black Museum - Gerard Schurmann
Visitors From Space (It Came From Outer Space) - Herman Stein
Cry of the Banshee - Les Baxter

cry of the banshee

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

31 Days of Halloween: Day 16

More tales guaranteed to go bump in the night...

Spooky Tales of Chilling Terror - VI
(19mb, 40min)
  1. Cleveland Mall Haunted House Promo
  2. The Ghost Ship - Wade Denning
  3. The Body Snatcher - Nelson Olmsted
  4. The Monster's Entrance
  5. The Tell-Tale Heart - Weird Circle

Monday, October 15, 2007

31 Days of Halloween: Day 15

Make a Monster

Why Fidelity 97 - Monster Man

Download | Visit Archives

  1. $1.98 King Size Voodoo Kit - The Munsters
  2. Mysterious Mose - Harry Reiser & The Radio All-Star Novelty Orch.
  3. The Ghost Of Smokey Joe - Cab Calloway and his Orchestra
  4. Do the Frankie - Brian & Gary & The Chain Rattlers
  5. One Little, Two Little,Three Little Tombstones
  6. Scary Things - Patty Zeitlin and Marcia Berman
  7. Monster Man - The MSR Singers
  8. Phantom of the A Go-Go - Don Hinson
  9. I Was a Teenage Monster - The Keytones
  10. The Little Man Who Wasn't There - Glenn Miller
  11. Lurch's Theme - Vic Mizzy
  12. I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You - Coleman Hawkins
  13. Ghost Riders in the Sky - Scatman Crothers