Sunday, October 07, 2007

31 Days of Halloween: Day 6

Welcome weary traveler. You have somehow stumbled across us in your random wandering through the haunted InterTubes. You have uncovered an otherwise invisible site, visited by no man, woman, or beast before you.

Once upon a time these posts would have appeared at SensesWorkingOvertime and thousands would have viewed them, but the infernal machinations of that satanic moneylender known as Mastercard killed SensesWorkingOvertime and now these last,lonely offerings reside here.

Weird MysteryTales 20

dracula lives 101fc cos3 - fc Vault_of_Evil_002-fc
Frankenstein_03-01 02Beware-fc coc4 - Cover
MarvelPremiere08-fcmu 101fc coc 5 fc
Werewolf07-00-FCVault_of_Evil_003-fc Werewolf07-00-FC