Wednesday, October 10, 2007

31 Days of Halloween: Day 10


Nearly a third of the way to the hauntiest day of the year!

Here's another installment of eerie yarns to keep you up at night....

Prof. Ravensdeath's Spooky Tales of Chilling Terror II
(37mb, 52min)
  1. I'm Hungry !
  2. It Is He Who Will Be King (Son of Dracula) - Ringo Starr & Cast
  3. John Bartine's Watch - Weird Tales Of The Unknown
  4. In the Graveyard - In a Dark Dark Room
  5. My Three Ladies - The Ghostbuster Diaries
  6. The Boy Who Drew Cats - Thrillers And Chillers
  7. The Imp of the Perverse - Vincent Price

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cos 6 fc ZOMBIE 010001 Vault_of_Evil_004-01
ToD11-00 ZOMBIE 020001 ToD13-00
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