Saturday, November 07, 2009

A Brief Hiatus...

I'm taking a short break from Monster Rally - Normal posting should resume in a few days.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Night After


Halloween Treats
@ The Giant Panther

Music Under Fire: Indie Halloween Playlist 2009

Pixar Thriller
@ Cartoon Brew

The Halloween That Almost Wasn't @ Frankensteinia

The Most Awesome Creations In Our Costume Show This Week @ io9


"This is the real picture of Hell"
@ An Eternal Thought in the Mind of Godzilla

Hammerin' Fears: "The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires" (1974) @ Pulp Sunday

The Many Faces of Jamie Lee Curtis @ The Vault of Horror


The Top Ten Fright Flicks of Dead Man George Romero @ Horror Hacker

Horror Movies of 2009 @ The Book Smugglers

FEARnet's Favorite Fear Eaters -- Part 5

MattFini's Halloween Top 10 Lists: Top 10 Gialli
@ Dread Central


Why Great Horror is Heartbreaking @ io9

If It's Halloween... It Might Not Be Saw Anymore! @ Dread Central

The io9 Guide To November Science Fiction


Santo in The Treasure of Dracula (1969) @ Draculand

Dawn of the Dead (1978) @ The Lightning Bug's Lair

The Bermuda Depths
@ Badmovies

Christmas Evil (1980)
and The Sadist (1963) @ AICN

The Thing (1982)
@ The Paradise of Horror

'Friday The 13th' Parts IV, V & VI Deluxe Editions and After Dark Horrorfest III: 8 Films To Die For
@ Geeks of Doom

DVD Talk

The House of the Devil
@ Horror Hacker


Red Dwarf: Back to Earth @ DVD Talk

Meet FlashForward's Unconvincing Bad Guy!
@ io9


The Starfleet Academy Entrance Exam
@ Siskoid

Urban Fantasy Always Takes Place In Alternate Worlds @ io9


Star Trek: The Next Generation #49
@ Siskoid

Secret of the Witch's Urn
, Bugs Bunny & the Spooky Spook @ THOIA


The Day After

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Great Pumpkin Waltz by Vince Guaraldi Trio / Chick Corea / David Benoit

Book Of Blood OST by Guy Farley

Day 30.2

Halloween- Candle (by senses working overtime)


Halloween Hits
@ Wonderful Wonderblog

The "Ghost Finders" Haunted Camera!
@ X-E

Last-Minute Halloween Guide (Best Online Resources)
@ Switched

Day of the Woman: Things I HATE about Halloween 1
, 2

Tricks and Treats: Quick Thoughts on NBC's Halloween-Themed Thursday Night Lineup @ Televisionary

Halloween Pranks and Awesome Halloween Costumes @ Mental Floss

Retro Friday: Spooky TV Edition
@ Franklin Avenue

Free Halloween Clip Art - Orange and Black Bugs
and French Tombstone Catalog @ The Graphics Fairy


Weird Tales March 1923
@ it's dark in the dark


Top 10 Sickest Flicks @ Day o the Woman


Horror Movie A Day

Day the World Ended (1955) @ Destructible Man

MATANGO: AKA Attack of the Mushroom People (1963)
@ Acidemic

Messiah of Evil
@ DVD Savant

Hell Night (1981)
@ B Movies and Beyond

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1982)

Trouble Every Day
@ The House Next Door

Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead
and Night of the Creeps @ Dead in the South

Cloverfield @ Radiator Heaven


Approaching Lost
- Rewatching

The Prisoner: The Complete Series @ DVD Savant

MST3K Episode Guide: 812- The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies @ Satelite News


the Many Faces of Sherlock Holmes
@ Mental Floss


World Fantasy con report: Day 1 by Alan DeNiro


Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural #2 – Preview

Day 30.1


Ghosts from the Crawlspace
@ Spooky Laboratory

Girls Holding Jack-O-Lanterns @ Vintage Postcard Blog

Worst Masks Ever!
@ The Drunken Severed Head

Monster Mash-up!
@ Caffeinated Joe

Boris Karloff Fright Pack, Azathoth's Halloween Frightcast @ Azathoth's Abode on the Plateau of Leng


Madeline Smith Is A Hammer Goddess @ Sugar and Spice

Death be Not Shroud @ Limerwrecks

Coming Attractions of the Past


Poe Was A Player...
@ Work of My Hands

The Iron Giant
@ Thiel-a-Vision


Hausu (1977)
@ notcoming


Cemetery Man (1994)
@ Cinemasscacre

Bad Sequel-Palooza!


'The Wraith' with Chris Nash @ natsukashi

The Cats of Ulthar


Grimm's Ghost Stories #51- 60 and mini
@ Azathoth's Abode on the Plateau of Leng: The Dungeon

Day 30


Happy Halloween 2009!
@ Me and You and a Blog Named BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Halloween Part 15 and 16 @ MY(P)WHAE

Idle Minds Inc: Cheesy Halloween Nostalgia

Creamed Corn-Satan Loves You and Scary Spooky Soundtracks @ Dartman's World of Wonder

The Emotions of Candy Corn @ Serious Eats

Halloween Candy Overload? Repurpose, Recycle and Reduce the Trick-or-Treat Haul!
@ Organized Christmas

Foods of the Day of the Dead
@ Slashfood

Halloween Recipes
@ 101 Cookbooks

How to Make Creepy Meat Hands and 10 DIY Food-Themed Halloween Costumes @ Serious Eats


Ed Wood, The Ed Wood Jr Players Card set and Gahan Wilson @ GACBS



The Mike Wallace Interview: Are Flying Saucers Real? (1958) and Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla (1952) @ CTS


, The Haunt of Fear and The Vault of Horror @ GACBS

Plague of the Zombies
and A Powelloween celebration @ Hairy Green Eyeball II

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 29.2

Weird MysteryTales 20 (by senses working overtime)


160 Trivial Tricks or Treats
@ Caffeinated Joe

Memories of Making a Monster @ TDSH

Halloween Comes to America
and Jacks from the Past (Part 5) @ Spooky Laboratory

Elvira Greeting Cards Vintage '82-'84
@ Basement of Ghoulish Decadence

Tech-inspired costumes, the geekier the better @ EW

Pumpkin Head Kid @ Vintage Postcard Blog

Spooky Tunes:

Devil's Night @ Capable of More

Meat For The Beast - Halloween Compilation '09 @ Ringo Stalin

Ghosts and Zombies @ Star Maker Machine

Goodnight Whatever You Are Vol 1, 2, 3, 4

The Prophecy 2 - complete promo score @ Mike B.S.O.

Return of the Living Dead @ Sideshow Cinema

Tam Lin @ Oliver di Place


Black Sabbath Poster Bonanza
@ Cinema Styles

Wrong Side of the Art

How to Make a Monster @ Classic Movie Monsters

Zombie Girl @ Cat of Curios

House Crawls
@ Limerwrecks


Scream! Scream for your Lives! @ Radiation Scarred Reviews



Teebore's Ten Favorite Treehouse of Horror Stories
@ Gentlemen of Leisure


The Uninvited (1944) @ notcoming

Mirror Mirror (1990)
and Hell Night (1981) @ House of Self Indulgence

The Gates of Hell (1980)
@ Basement of Ghoulish Decadence

The Mighty Peking Man @ Thiel-a-Vision

Antichrist @ Horror Squad

Fatally Yours


BBC's Monster Show 'Being Human' Getting Syfy Remake
@ Horror Squad

Are You Afraid iof the Dark?
@ Friday Nite Fries


Son of Dracula @

Leprechaun (1993) @ CineMassacre


The Kind of Face You Hate

USA Today


Grimm's Ghost Stories #41-50
@ Azathoth's Abode on the Plateau of Leng: The Dungeon

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Day 29.1



5 Helloween Mixtapes
@ Living Ears

Monster Toys 2
@ 13 Visions


Like Father, Like Son
@ Classic Movie Monsters


The 20 Best Horror Films @ Thrill Fiction

Top Ten Tinglers @ Monsterama

My Top 10 Favorite Horror Movies
@ Cat of Curios

CineMassacre: Top 10 Tales from the Crypt


King Kong Lives (1986)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Overnight Update


Betty Boop's Halloween Party, Fly High Fiends!, Gidday up, Goblins! and Jump that broom! @ Arbogast on Film

Weirdest And Most Wonderful Halloween Comic Covers @ io9


31 Screams: Brenda Bruce
and The New Widow in 9C @ Arbogast on Film

Masterminds (1949)
and Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks @ 13

Zombie Dad's 13 Creepy Faces for October 2009

William Marshall @ E Tenebris In Lucem


Lovecraft 101: Get To Know The Master of Scifi-Horror @ io9

A Home Buyer's Guide to Haunted Real Estate
@ Horror Hacker

Kindertrauma Investigates :: Lizzie Borden

EXCL: House Of The Devil's AJ Bowen @ ShockTillYouDrop

MySpace Webseries Circle Of Ei8ht On-Line
and Update: Webseries 13 Minutes To Midnight Debuts @ ShockTillYouDrop

Hammer's Beyond the Rave Comes Home
@ Dread Central


MattFini's Halloween Top 10 Lists: Best Sequels
@ Dread Central

When Monsters Change Sides: 10 Horror Icons Who Turned Good
@ io9

Top 50 Vampires: The Ultimate Score Sheet
@ io9


Count Yorga, Vampire

Uzumaki (aka Spiral)
, Grace The Children and Mad Monster Party @ FSR

Blood The Last Vampire
, Orphan and The Hanging Woman @ DVD Talk

Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead and The Killing Kind @ Final Girl


Project UFO @ Black Hole DVD

One Step Beyond: The Official First Season and Tales from the Darkside: The Second Season @ DVD Talk

G4 takes us to 'Slasher School'
@ FEARnet


Trick or Trailers: Magic
and Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) @ Dinner With Max Jenke


Antichrist: A Conversation Podcast
@ Cinefantastique


Dark Shadows (Gold-Key) #29 and Dark Shadows (Gold-Key) #28 @ Cool-Mo-Dee

Day 28

8eafc907 (by senses working overtime)


Evil Clowns, Evil Lip Balm and more Spooky Die-O-Ramas! @ X-E

How to Build a Steampunk Haunted House @ MSNBC

Raggedy Ann & Andy and the Pumpkin Who Couldn't Smile @ Me and You and a Blog Named BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Tricks & Treats 09: Snooping At The Shindig @ Dartman's World of Wonder

Live Halloween Radio Drama for 2009 – The Master List @ Radio Drama Revival

Monster Mansion Ridethrough
@ She'll Grow Back

Hocus Pocus
@ Cover Me

Halloween shuffle
I, II @ Clumsy & Shy

Howl-O-Ween Sounds @ Azathoth's Abode on the Plateau of Leng

WKBW Halloween Evening Programming (1973)
@ Classic Television Showbiz

The Vocal Stylings of Lorre, Lugosi and Karloff

Carving a Creative Pumpkin: Halloween Idea Gallery
@ Organized Christmas

Halloween on Dabbled Thus Far

Party like it's 1926!
@ Oodles and oodles

Spooky Cracker Jack Riddles @ Neato Ghoulville

History of Classic Candy
and Beyond Trick-or-Treating - Halloween Food History @ Slashfood

That's Nuts: Five Things To Do with Leftover Halloween Candy
@ Serious Eats

Cupcakes, squashed ghosts, deflated frosting, & a dog in a witch hat
. @ Cupcake Rehab

Halloween Recipe: Thomas Keller Oreo Bat Cookies @ the kitchn

Lurks in the shadows' Dead Heads
@ Halloween Forum

Monster Toys @ 13 Visions

The Grimmest and Ghastliest Collection of all Games @ Friday Nite Fries

Halloween preview post # 10: 10 timed, bloodcurdlingly true stories @ DC's

Vintage Halloween Party Invitations
@ Gothic Tea Society

Halloween Pix from the Life Magazine Photo Archives @ Classic Television Showbiz


Halloween Costumes
, Shrimpenstein and Art by Don Duga @ Rankin Bass Historian

Boris Karloff
@ Cat of Curios

The Gothic Tea society shares some Random Morbid Pics

Island Of Dr. Moreau [Remake]
@ 2 Thumbs 8 Fingers

Pillow of Death @ Classic Movie Monsters

When Hairy Met Pale-y
@ Limerwrecks


Sinister Seven: Paranormal Activity Director Oren Peli
@ Rue Morgue


Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)
@ Cavalcade of Awesome

Zombi 4: After Death @ notcoming


Classic Television Showbiz
Bram Stoker's Dracula and Candyman @ Huiu

The Alpha Incident (1978)
@ Internet Archive

The Bat (1959) @

William Stromberg Conducts Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein @ Daily Space

Spontaneous Combustion (1990)
@ CineMassacre


The Moon Or Bust by The Key and Chance Of A Ghost by Nightmare @ Relic Radio

Sherlock Holmes - Case of the Demon Barber and The Kraken Wakes @ Internet Archive

October Holmes Podcast @ Big Finish

Aural Delight 106 Tad Williams


Beowulf vs. Dracula!
@ Dr. K' s

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 27.1


Ravensdeath Archives

Spooky Tunes @ The Ghost Town

Halloween Foodie @ Vanessa Oxygenvalve

Grimm's Ghost Stories #31-40 @ Azathoth's Abode on the Plateau of Leng: The Dungeon

Trick or Treat Witch Kit @ Neato Ghoulville


The Incredible Shrinking Man
and The Creature From the Black Lagoon @ Classic Movie Monsters


SCREAM Awards Preview @ Mania

Frightful Rome: A Visit to Rome's Dario Argento Store and Museum @ PopMatters

Britian's most haunted village 'cancels Halloween'
@ The Telegraph


10 Haunting Horror Manga and Anime
@ Mania


Worst Of Netflix: Kinky Killers
@ Heavy

Final Destination and Saw Vi @ notcoming


13 Eerie Intros
@ Caffeinated Joe

Cat-Women of the Moon and Queen of Outer Space @

The Brain (1988)
@ CineMassacre


The Nitpicker's Guide for Classic Trekkers
@ Siskoid

Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Novelists Who Use Dreams to Crack Your Head Open (In All the Right Ways) @





Dartman's Halloween Special 2009

Christmas at Halloween! @ MY(P)WHAE

Mix Six Six Six ('09)
@ Popdose

Em's Halloween Mix @ GFP

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Classic Promo
@ Me and You and a Blog Named BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Corky Quackenbush's Halloween 7.5
@ Cartoon Brew

inflatable memories
@ orange and black

Halloween's Gone by. . . @ The Gothic Tea Society

Halloween 09 @ B-Movie Star


Leopold and Lobe @ Limerwrecks


Astro Boy's Abysmal Opening, and Imagi's Sinking Ship @ Cartoon Brew

New Spoof Web-Series The Occulterers Debuts
@ ShockTillYouDrop


Top 10 the Scariest Ghost Movies @ Funster


Watching the Boris Karloff Frankenstein movies @ Cavalcade of Awesome

28 Days Later (2002) @ Cinebeats


Scooby-Doo Meets the Boo Brothers (1987) @ Cool-Mo-Dee


Comics that Creeped Me Out as a Kid, Part 1 @ X-Ray Spex

day 27.0.9

Halloween 2009 #38 (by stevechasmar)
"Halloween 2009 #38 (by stevechasmar)


Spooky Mountain Laboratory's Halloween Miscellanea

The History of Haunted Attractions
@ Cinema Suicide

The Lost Paradise of Horror's Who is Samhain? and  Top 10 Halloween Candy


Top 10 Movies for Halloween Viewing 09′
@ Lost Highway

6 Characters Who Show Up in Every Zombie Movie
@ Cracked


The Lightning Bug's Lair

Daughter of Darkness (1948)
@ 10,000 Bullets

The Werewolf of Washington

Inferno (1980) @ Mr. Peel's Sardine Liqueur

House on the Edge of the Park (1980) @ The Vault of Horror

The Hills Run Red (2009)
and Night of the Creeps: Director's Cut (1986) @ The Digital Bits

Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (2009) @ Top Horror Movies Club

The Road @ CHUD


Moon of the Wolf
and The Astro-Zombies @ Divers and Sundry

TRAILER TRASH: David Hess Edition! @ The Vault of Horror


Still Scary After all These Years @ Jonathan Maberry's Big, Scary Blog

Penguin Classics On Air presents Vampire's on Paper
@ Robots and Vamps


Frankenstein Sicksty-nine!
and If You Blinked You Missed: Demon-Hunter @ Diversions of the Groovy Kind


The House Of Mystery Annual #1
@ Cinema Suicide

Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 26.2


"Dad, you killed zombie Saturday Morning Cartoon Show!"

Halloween Memories From the "Monster Kids of the Vault"

NYC Haunted House: Blood Manor
@ the jaded viewer

Scarecrows Invade Disney World @ The Halloween Tree

Kids and Candles and Halloween Poem @ Vintage Postcard Blog


Arbogast's 31 Screams

"The Three Faces Of Fear" (1963)
and Die, Monster, Die! (1965) @ 13

Pelando las barbas al vecino
@ atomic supermen


The Lives and Loves of Laurie Strode
@ kindertrauma

The Thing on the Fourble Board
@ Thiel-a-Vision

The Obligatory 'Paranormal Activity' Spoofs
@ Cinematical


and Phantasm II (1988) @ Celluloid Moon

Saw VI @ And Now the Screaming Starts

Taliesin Meets the Vampires


Last House on the Left (2009)
and Kirksdale (2007) @ Cinefatastique


31 Monsters #26: The Judge
@ Thiel-a-Vision


Dinner With Max Jenke's Trick or Trailers


"Oh Whistle, And I'll Come To You, My Lad" by M.R. James
@ The Classic Tales podcast

Cthulhu 66 - The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, part 6

H.P.Lovecraft Literary Podcast Episode 16 - From Beyond

The Haunting Hour "Nocturne"

Tales of Horror 118 Ghost Train

Five Free Scary Stories for Halloween and Quicksilver's Frankenstein Stalks Again @ Radio Drama Revival

Relic Radio

LibriVox Short Science Fiction Collection 029

Pseudopod 165: The Copse

The SFFaudio Podcast #040

The Phantom Of The Opera - Try Episode One For Free! @ The Big Finish

Sci-Fi Songs Podcast #18


Branding Science Fiction Romance, Part I
@ The Galaxy Express

Mina @ Taliesin Meets the Vampires



Day 26.1

Been out of action the last few days so I've got a lot of catching up to do...


Halloween Mood DVDs: The Mega Review! @ X-E

The History of Halloween @ Mark Harvey's World

Halloween-the game
@ The Cathode Ray Mission

Haunted House Arcade Game
@ Neato Ghoulville

Wind Up Super Monsters and Monster Model Day @ Plaid Stallions

Magic Tests, Chants, Charms and Halloween Customs from Many Lands @ Spooky Laboratory

Dreamed A Green Pelican Disliked My Halloween Costume
@ Kitchen Retro

Barnabas at the White House on Halloween @ MY(P)WHAE

More Vintage Halloween Fun @ The Gothic Tea Society

Nick or Treat
and Casper - There's Good Boos To-Night @ Friday Nite Fries

Skeleton in the Closet (Louis Armstrong)
and Creepy Music @ The Gothic Tea Society
Dartman's World of Wonder

Azathoth's Abode on the Plateau of Leng

Azathoth's Abode: The Dungeon

Season of the Witch Volume Two @ She'll Grow back

The Rattles - The Witch and The Studebaker Bro's - Lie'n In The Grave @ The Devil's Music

Guilt Free Pleasure's Halloween Mix

Jack Skellington's Coffin Sleigh Paper Model @ The Disney Experience

Mansion CryptBats Font
@ David Occhino


Mad Monster Party Band @ Rankin Bass Historian

Horror movie posters
and The dark world of fashion photography @ Haunt Style



The Thomas Edison Frankenstein movie @ Cavalcade of Awesome

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
@ Caffeinated Joe


Saw VI @


Trailer Madness (1970s) @ Panic on the 4th of July