Thursday, June 30, 2011

Halloween Update for 6.30.11


Haunt soundtracker Verse 13 is offering free music to pro-haunters interested in using his sounds.

Here's a sample (more info and another sample here at Verse 13's Halloween Forum Post)


Halloween Comic Strip Collection of the Day: Cul de Sac Halloween 2007-2010

Prof. Ravensdeath's Tales of Terror: Legend of Sleepy Hollow Cereal Record.


Halloween Etsy of the Day


Grape Newts - 13 x 19 limited edition print from JasonEdmiston's Etsy shop

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Halloween Update for 6.29.11


Frightful Flickr of the Day

Vintage Halloween paper place mat
Vintage Halloween paper place mat by riptheskull

Halloween Blues: In Defense of HHNUpdaters

Fire and freaks: Alice Cooper picks acts for annual Halloween horror @ London Evening Standard


Halloween Etsy of the Day

Custom Made Wedding Cake Toppers from GoForPinks Etsy shop


Elsewhere in the Ravensdeathsphere

Prof. Ravensdeath's Tales of Terror

Monster Rally on Tumblr

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bozeman Montana Fear Mine Haunt (Kickstarter Project)

If you are planning to be anywhere near Bozeman Montana come Halloween this Kickstarter project might be for you...


About the haunt:

Throughout our years, nay decades of our experience, we have learned that to really get the customers immersed in the haunt you need to tie in the local legend and lore into the haunt. We learned this from the "Jersey Devil Haunted Woods" in New Jersey and the Pirates of Emerson on the coast of California. There is a rich mining history in many parts of Montana, and many of these old mines have an accompanying ghost town. What better theme for a haunt in Montana than a haunted mine and ghost town?

About our goal:

We have $10,000 of our own personal funds set aside for this project. However, we will need double that in order to make it a reality. Not if, but when we raise the additional $10,000 through the awesome backers at kickstarter, we will have the $20,000 needed to make our dream a reality. This money will be used for building rental (BIG expense), insurance (necessary evil), construction tools (yay), construction materials (plywood is expensive), costuming (thank goodness for thrift stores), makeup (not the girly type), and many others (too many to list).

Halloween Update for 6.27.11


Frightful flickr of the Day

Halloween at Stop'N'Go

Halloween at Stop'N'Go / pdokey1365


squidoo: Halloween Graveyard Props and Creepy Halloween Recipes

 ‘The Phantom Carriage’ to Get the Criterion Treatment @ Psychobabble

The latest Rotten Flesh Radio Podcast is out now

Enter The 1st Annual Strange Kids Club Halloween Costume Contest 

Terror sets sail on the Ghost Ship for Halloween 2011 @ LA Times

“Halloween Horror Nights” short film competition

Universal Studios Hollywood invites aspiring filmmakers to compete in its annual “Halloween Horror Nights” short film competition, offering budding directors anopportunity to hav e their most disturbing horror short films judged by a panel of industry insiders, including horror film auteur Eli Roth, Daily Variety senior writer, Marc Graser and “Halloween Horror Nights” Creative Director John Murdy. The winning film will be awarded a premiere showing on Chiller, a posting on, a cash prize of $1,000,
and a trip for two to “Halloween Horror Nights’” opening night “Eyegore Awards” at Universal Studios Hollywood"


nightrideproductions shows off their new mausoleum prop @ Halloween Forum


Halloween Etsy of the Day

Hand-printed greeting card from L2design's Etsy Shop

Friday, June 24, 2011

Howcast: How To Get the Most Halloween Candy

Halloween update for 6.24.11

Prof. Ravensdeath's Tumblr Tune of the Day: Theme From Psycho | Geoff Love

eHow suggests some Orange Halloween Foods for Kids

The Halloween Tree loves Dejan Hristov's Jaunty Jack O'Lantern Car

Creepy Collage of the Day: Icabod & Isabel @ A Nostalgic Halloween

Monster Magazine World salutes Aurora's First Monster Model Kit: The Frankenstein Monster

le blog d'halloween de Raph has a tutorial, in French, for making a creepy imitation book via Haunt

Halloween Kickstarter Project of the Day: Ray Villafane's 3D Pumpkin Carving Tutorials

Halloween Etsy of the Day

Diamante and Muertos Best Buds pack @ fuish's Etsy store

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ray Villafane's 3D Pumpkin Carving Tutorials (Kickstarter Project)

This cool sounding project is, as of this writing, about 20% funded with little over a month remaining. I'm defiantly going to make a pledgeonce I figure out which level to choose (that $100 pledge premium looks mighty sweet but I may have to face economic reality and stick with the $25 DVD pledge)
From the Kickstarter Project Page:


If you thought Halloween and pumpkin carving was fun before...wait until you discover the magic that lies just beneath the rind. Get ready to unlock the 3D potential!

I plan on creating a set of DVD's that will benefit ANYBODY looking to become a better pumpkin carver! As a former kindergarten-12 Art teacher, I intend on including a couple of tutorials geared towards those individuals whom find even cutting triangles into a pumpkin challenging. Armed with some simple kid friendly tools (which can be easily purchased at stores for for just a couple of dollars) we will start off with some simple bare bone designs that begin to touch on the joys of going 3D!...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Halloween update for 6.22.11

Halloween Etsy of the Day

Vintage Bats Dictionary Collage at HopePhotoArt's Etsy store

Giant Halloween Project Ideas @ eHow

Halloween Overkill has found the First in store evidence of Halloween, in June!

The Rotting Flesh Radio Podcast continues its coverage of the Midwest Haunters Convention

Halloween deviantARt of the Day

Like Father Unlike Son by *13foxywolf666 on deviantART

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kid's Books for Halloween coming in July

Kid's Books for Halloween coming in July

Halloween update for 6.21.11

Collin David on collecting Elvira @ Collector's Quest

A Gallery Of Hallowe’en Mini-Comics For October 2011 @ Bleeding Cool

Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse, Part I: Zombies or Old People? @ Floating Sheep

Zombo's Closet shows off a Christopher Lee Dracula Halloween Decoration

Halloween Etsy of the Day

Halloween wizard doll set from SpookyHollow's etsy store

Halloween Kickstarter Project of the Day: The Halloween Time Machine Ride

Laura Stevenson & The Cans – Halloween Pts. 1 & 2 @ The Music Ninja

Monster Rally tumblr tune of the day: Seven Murders | Piero Piccioni

The Halloween Time Machine Ride (Kickstarter Project)

The Halloween Time Machine Ride: A Public Art project in Oklahoma City, OK by Sam Seide


I want to build a simulator ride of a time machine for my home Halloween haunt. The ride will hold two riders inside the unit. They will be strapped into the time machine and the door will be shut. Three LCD screens will act as "windows" out of the time machine. The outside of the time machine will look like a dilapidated outhouse, but upon opening the door of the ride the machine will look the part of a true time machine with metal walls, lots of dials and blinking buttons displaying "data". The time machine "pilot" will be Morris the Hunchback as he stands outside the main compartment and is viewable to the riders on the LCD's. He'll be the one getting into all the hi-jinx with the various creatures and people found in the different time periods the machine travels to.

Howdini: Kraft Foods "How to throw a kids' Halloween party"

How to throw a kids' Halloween party

Monday, June 20, 2011

Halloween update for 6.20.11

Halloween-lovers building things that go bump in the night @ The Salt Lake Tribune

Greg Chadwell: Plant pumpkins now for Halloween @

Alice Cooper’s Halloween Night Of Fear UK Freaks Auditions @

The Ringmaster's Realm ruminates on Collecting Haunted Items

Pixel of Ink points out the Free Kindle Book "Pumpkin Jack Skull and Other Tales of Terror"

Today's etsy pick
Vintage Halloween Tree Stump Planter by Holland Hord @ jessamyjay's etsy store