Monday, June 27, 2011

Bozeman Montana Fear Mine Haunt (Kickstarter Project)

If you are planning to be anywhere near Bozeman Montana come Halloween this Kickstarter project might be for you...


About the haunt:

Throughout our years, nay decades of our experience, we have learned that to really get the customers immersed in the haunt you need to tie in the local legend and lore into the haunt. We learned this from the "Jersey Devil Haunted Woods" in New Jersey and the Pirates of Emerson on the coast of California. There is a rich mining history in many parts of Montana, and many of these old mines have an accompanying ghost town. What better theme for a haunt in Montana than a haunted mine and ghost town?

About our goal:

We have $10,000 of our own personal funds set aside for this project. However, we will need double that in order to make it a reality. Not if, but when we raise the additional $10,000 through the awesome backers at kickstarter, we will have the $20,000 needed to make our dream a reality. This money will be used for building rental (BIG expense), insurance (necessary evil), construction tools (yay), construction materials (plywood is expensive), costuming (thank goodness for thrift stores), makeup (not the girly type), and many others (too many to list).