Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Detective Chimp: The Scientific Crook-Catcher! 1956

Detective Chimp: The Scientific Crook-Catcher!
(Rex the Wonder Dog 29 - Sept-Oct 1956)

Detective Chimp 1 (by senses working overtime)

Detective Chimp 2 (by senses working overtime) Detective Chimp 3 (by senses working overtime)
Detective Chimp 4 (by senses working overtime) Detective Chimp 5 (by senses working overtime)
Detective Chimp 6 (by senses working overtime)
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Tuesday II


Bundy: A Legacy of Evil
@ DVD Talk

The Unborn and Knowing @ Filmcritic.com

The Last Shark (1981) and Piranha (1978)
@ B Movies and Beyond

Kwaidan @ Japan Cinema

Putting the Bite on Soledad Miranda @ Tomb of the Headless Werewolf

King Kong Escapes (1967) @ The Horror!?

Circus of Fear
@ 13

The Ape Man (1943)
@ mermaid heather

The Future of the Earth (1918)
@ Voyages Extraordinaires

J.J. Abrams Talks About a Star Trek Sequel @ FSR

Karloff / Frankenstein 1931-1967 @ Ted Newsom (CHFB)

The Vampire Diaries Pilot @ TVOvermind


Warehouse 13 @ Hulu

Out of the Coffin Episode #41 - Count Dracula

Bloodletting Podcast: "Hooks" Episode 4 "Motivation"

Lights Out - Cat Wife - June 17, 1936
@ Jezner.com

Black Hat Magick: Chapter 4: Life is a Bitter Daliance

Haunted Lives by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
@ ManyBooks

The Vault of Horror's Summer Reading List!

The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro, Chuck Hogan @ horroryearbook

Phantastes by George MacDonald @ Fantasy Magazine


Don't Bury Me Deep! / Where? @ THOIA

Spies, Thrillers, Adventure...
'Moonraker' Celebrates 30 Years @ CommanderBond

The Mackintosh Man @ AICN

More EuroSpy/Fumetti Themed Music @ Mister 8

Callan - Set 1
and Agatha Christie's Poirot: The Movie Collection - Set 4 @ DVD Talk

OTR: Escape - Typhoon @ Escape and Suspense

The Vanished Millionaire
and The Mystery of the Jade Spear by B. Fletcher Robinson @ ManyBooks

ezine: Mysterical E


8 Saturday Morning Cartoons that Lasted One Season Because of Insanely Stupid Concepts @ Topless Robot

Tuesday I

DC Special 005 - 03 (by senses working overtime)DC Special 004 - 30 (by senses working overtime)

Sorry for missing yesterday, and being late today. The kids are home for the summer ...


@ Twitch

Lake Placid 3 @ io9

Gor (1988) @ Cosmic Cinema

Fantasia 2009 Line-Up Announced
@ Dread Central

Actors not afraid of 'Dark' redo
@ The Hollywood Reporter

"Cloverfield" Director Promises He Won't Turn His "Let The Right One In" Remake Into "Twilight" @ io9

'American Werewolf in London' Will Howl at Moon Again @ Cinematical

Could Fox's Reincarnation Detective Show Signal The Death Of Scifi?
@ io9

Kill, Baby... Kill! (1966)
@ Rare and Obscure Move Trailers

Spellbound by Lori Titus
and Historical Savages by Adrian Ludens and Heidi Dubej @ Flashes in the Dark

The Chair By Trinity Martin, The Confessor By Trinity Martin and Right Wrist By Lorella Mascot @ MicroHorror

The Silent Strength of Stones by Nina Kiriki Hoffman @ Tor.com

Norse Code by Greg van Eekhout @ Tor.com

Mark of the Demon...in 60 Seconds @ Tor.com

"World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War,"  by Max Brooks @ Errant Dreams

Lamentation by Ken Scholes
@ Blood of the Muse

The Forest of Hands & Teeth, by Carrie Ryan @ Bookgeeks

"Evil Ways" by Justin Gustainis
@ Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin' News & Reviews

City of the Dead by Rosemary Jones
@ Grasping for the Wind

Bigfoot by Joshua Blu Buhs @ The New Yorker


The Nobody's Invisible Charms Become Slowly Evident @ io9

Batman: Heart of Hush @ Tor.com

Torpid Tales of Tomorrow
@ Again With the Comics

Creepy's Loathsome Lore @ Fantasy Ink

Captain Blood: Odyssey #1
@ Comics Worth Reading

Halloween Stuff...
A peek into Dave Lowes Halloween '09 Sketchbook!

evilmanor's Shiatsu Powered Zombie (standing) @ Halloween Forum

What music reminds you of science fiction or fantasy?
@ Tor.com

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Update

cat girl (by senses working overtime)

Deadgirl @ The Vault of Horror

X Files: I Want To Believe (2008) @ Movie Mobsters

In Love With The Dead aka Chung Oi (2007) @ In It For the kills

The Last Winter
@ And Now the Screaming Starts

Revisiting The Masters of Horror Part 2 and From Dusk to Dawn @ GoreZone

@ Brutal As Hell

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989) and Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989) @ Retro Slashers

@ Booksteve's Library

Mondo cane oggi / Mondo cane 3 / Savage World Today and Il castello dei morti vivi / Castle of the Living Dead @ Giallo Fever

Shadow of the Cat (1961) @ John Bernhard (Laternia)

A neat selection of Monster Film Stills @ Monster Brains

Cat People, Cat-Women of the Moon and The Monster That Challenged the World @ Coming Attractions of the Past

Ladies of Giallo #3: Annabella Incontrera
@ The Daily Tourniquet

The Apocalypse Should Be Funny: 6 End-of-the-World Comedy Classics @ io9


Virtuality @ Hulu

Star Wars Japan Tuna Commercial 1978 @ JapanSugoi

Saturday Morning Monster Cartoons @ Cool-Mo-Dee

The Scooby Doo Show - The Harum Scarum Sanitarium! @ Geek Orthodox


Astounding Stories of Super-Science September 1930 @ ManyBooks

Tina By Joseph DeRepentigny
@ MicroHorror

New @ Web Fiction Guide

Santa Olivia...in 60 Seconds
@ Tor.com

Retro Doctor Who Books Hit The Target @ io9

Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual
@ Siskoid

Roofworld by Christopher Fowler (Ballantine 1988)
@ The Groovy Age of Horror

Mark of the Demon by Diana Rowland @ Fang-tastic Books


The Classic Tales Podcast: Episode 113, Imprisoned with the Pharaohs, Part 2 of 2, by H.P. Lovecraft

Cthulhu 59 - After a Year in the Asylum by Justin Lowmaster

The Murder Prophet by Inner Sanctum
@ Relic Radio

The Unexpected - Rematch (08-15-48) and The Winfield Diamond (09-04-48) @ Boxcars711

Worlds of Tomorrow: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
@ Escape Pod

Star Trek v.2 #31, DC Comics, May 1992: Veritas Part II: Sacrifices and Survivors
@ Siskoid

Casper the Jerky Ghost
@ Bully Says...

"Believe It...Or Not!" By Dan Adkins and Bill Everett
@ Diversions of the Groovy Kind

Solomon Grundy #5 preview @ Comic Monsters

Supernatural Thrillers #13 and Supernatural Thrillers #14 @ Cool-Mo-Dee

Spies, Pulp, Mystery...
A View To A Kill
@ Antick Musings...

free ebook: Cold Hillside by Martin Cooper via Web Fiction Guide

The Devil's Right Hand by Jack Martin
@ Beat to a Pulp

The Tall Target (1951)
@ Cinema Talk

Video: The Speckled Band @ postagestamp77 (YouTube)

: First Nighter - The Tin Box (05-06-48) and The Black Museum - The Pair Of Spectacles (1952) @ Boxcars711

Suspense - Blood on the Trumpet @ Escape and Suspense!

The Saint @ Jezner.com

100+ Science Fiction Characters Drawn In The Simpsons Style @ io9

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday II

56.365, sometime u need 2 kill someone (by Maman Fufue)
56.365, sometime u need 2 kill someone (by Maman Fufue)

Blood: The Last Vampire (2009) @ Taliesin Meets the Vampires

Salvage and Pontypool @ Film Stalker

ZombieWestern: It Came from the West @ Midnight Showing

Don't go in the Woods / The Forest
@ DVD Talk

Frankenstein (1910) @ Stop the Planet of the Apes...I Want to Get Off

H.P. Lovecraft and Hollywood -- an unholy alliance? @ Hero Complex

'Harper's Island' Heads for a "Splash"
@ BuddyTV

Space - The Circuit Podcast

David Goyer and Pia Guerra, discuss Y the Last man, Director James Strong talks about Dr. Who, and I have a lengthy chat with the author of Underground Classics, James Danky.
Pseudopod 148: Graffiti

Radio Drama Revival
: Episode 128: NATF in the Field and “The Return of the Bogman Mummy”

Nocturnal: Thrill of the Hunt
@ Junkie Mae's Chop Shop

Be It Ever Thus by Robert Moore Williams (Fantastic Universe  1954)
@ ManyBooks

Arm of the Law by Harry Harrison (Fatastic Universe 1958) and The Great Dome on Mercury by Arthur Leo Zagat (1932) @ FeedBooks

Acid Rain By Rod Drake
and (Your Name Here): Your Life Tomorrow By Tarvarus Goodwin @ MicroHorror

The City in the Lake by Rachel Meumeier
and Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link @ Becky's Book Reviews

 Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon and Flinx Transcendent...in 60 Seconds @ Tor.com

Science Fiction Books That Launched Their Own Genres
@ io9

Around a Dark Corner by Jeani Rector
@ Dread Central

Star Trek v.2 #30 Veritas
@ Siskoid

Supernatural Thrillers #10 @ Cool-Mo-Dee

Dellec #0

Halloween Stuff...

How to Cut Pants & Shirts for Zombie Costumes
@ Full Halloween

Mystery, Adventure..
Impossible But True
@ Silver Age Comics

Biggles - Spitfire Parade
@ downthetubes

Forgotten Classics Podcast Episode 85: Mary Stewart, The Moonspinners

So Long at the Fair (1950) @ Mystery File

Some Girls Do
(1969) @ Teleport City

TCM Saturday Morning:


Capture Ghosts on Your Phone and Nintendo DSI @ Dread Central

Everyone Loves Creepy Kids - Madura Inocencia @ Haute Macabre

Buck Rogers XZ-31 Rocket Pistol (Daisy, 1934)
@ Attic of Astounding Artifacts

The Fantasy Worlds of Bad Eighties Music Videos, Case One: Billy Ocean's "Lover Boy"
@ Enter the Octopus

Friday I

cat creeps (by senses working overtime)

Giallo (2009) @ Retro Slashers

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen:

Ju-On: The Prequel @ In It For The Kills

Eye of the Beast and Black Swarm @ Radiation Scarred Cinema

Lurkers @ The Horror!?

Children of the Corn @ Horror Movie A Day

Death Row Diner @ Bearded Weirdo

Island of the Fishmen
@ !0,000 Bullets

The Birds @ Movie Mobsters

Vampire Circus @ We Are Movie Geeks

The Saragossa Manuscript @ TCM

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1920) @ The Vault of Horror

The Bride and the Beast
, Bride of the Monster and Brides of Dracula @ Coming Attractions of the Past

Corman and Dante on horror trilogy
@ Film Stalker

Frank Darabont Talks Fahrenheit 451 @ /Film

Roman Catholicism in Fantastic Film @ TheoFantastique

Can Ethan Hawke's Daybreakers Make Vampires Edgy Again? @ io9

The Horror Movie Makeovers - Think Twice Before You Say "Yes" @ Horror Hacker

Neil Gaiman Explains Who Should Direct 'Sandman' Movie @ Splash Page

Welcome Lovecraft, Too


The Critics Rave As Ronald D. Moore's VIRTUALITY Pilot Hits Tonight's Friday Death Slot!! @ AICN

Top 5 Things You Should Know About VIRTUALITY
@ TV Addict

Warehouse 13 Pilot Review @ Daemon's TV

Short Film: Suburbia Re-Animated @ The Daily Tourniquet

Escape Pod - EP 205: Requiem in D-minor (for prions, whale and burning bush)

Fear Shop Horror podcast #14

Weird Circle - The Vendetta (09-12-43)
@ Boxcars711

Sci-Fi Song #19: The Transformers Theme


Serial and Milk: Available Darkness - Chapter Ten

Exsanguination by Violet Hilton
@ Flashes in the Dark

Supernatural Thrillers #9
@ Cool-Mo-Dee

The Raven @ Golden Age Comic Stories

The Paul Revere of Time
@ His Name Is...

Solomon Kane: The Right Hand Of Doom @ The Bronze Age of Blogs

Nick Carter Master Detective - State's Prison Evidence (10-18-43)
@ Boxcars711

Read: The Smoker by Kyle Moore
@ Well Told Tales

it's dark in the dark's Pulp Pinup of the Week: Wonder Stories March 1933

Robert McGinnis Redux @ Fantasy Ink


Michael Jackson's Science Fictional Life
@ io9

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Update II

cap007 (by senses working overtime)

My computer woes persist so I'm going to call it a night. Here's what I managed to find before my brain exploded...

R.I.P. Farrah Fawcett @ Mental Floss

The Terror (1938) @ Teleport City

The Wicksboro Incident (2003)
@ The Horror!?

The Movie Mobsters' Top Ten Post-Apocalyptic Movies

Star Trek Re-Watch: "This Side of Paradise" @ Tor.com

Graveyard Mansion by The Witchs Tale
@ Relic Radio

Lights Out - The Day The Sun Exploded (09-01-45) @ Boxcars711

Aural Delights No 90 Elizabeth Bear

Horror 30/20/10 - history of shakey cam @ Laughing in the Face of Death

Chapters 1-4 of J.C. Hutchins' Personal Effects: Dark Art

Unnerving Presence by Michael A. Kechula
@ The Daily Tourniquet

Time-Life Books "Mysteries of the Unknown" @ The Retroist

10 Horror Books I Must Read Before Fall Semester @ Day of the Woman

Valley of the Dead...in 60 Seconds
@ Tor.com

Beyond The Eyes Of Frankenstein
@ Psych Skull


Probe (1972) and Raffles (1930) @ Mystery File

"Get Carter": A Re-examination
@ The Rap Sheet

The Philanthropist @ Double 0 Section

Comics, Fumetti and other graphic adventures of the Spy-Superhero variety @ Mister 8

Thursday Update I

Time's been tight today and now my computer's acting up so here's what I've got so far with more to follow later tonight...


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

has not one but two Transformers 2 reviews.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: A Non-Review @ NeedCoffee

Horror Hacker's John Scalzi
implores us to "Relax! Transformers Is Not the End of Cinema as We Know It"

film.com's The Top Five Robot Movies


John Barrowman On The Darker Side Of Torchwood
@ SciFiPulse

Virtuality Review
@ SciFiPulse

Complete Hypnotism, Mesmerism, Mind-Reading and Spiritualism by A. Alpheus
@ LibriVox

Dimension X - The Potters Of Frisk (07-28-50) @ Boxcars711

Pinocchio Vampire Slayer interview with Van Jensen
@ Comic Monsters

Star Trek v.2 #29: The Price of Admission! @ Siskoid's Blog of Geekery

Out on a Limb
! @ Fantasy Ink 

Supernatural Thrillers #7 and Supernatural Thrillers #8 @ Cool-Mo-Dee

Drew Friedman. The World, the Flesh, & the Robot Monster
@ Grantbridge Street

Angel #23 and  Astounding Wolf-Man #17
previews @ Comic Monsters

The Matarese Circle by Robery Ludlum, Quest by Richard Ben Sapir and Killing Floor by Lee Child @ Bookgasm

Boston Blackie - Bill Crane Attorney (09-13-45) @ Boxcars711

Halloween Stuff...
Saw Added to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights
@ ShockTillYouDrop

8 Completely Insane (Yet Totally Awesome) Star Wars-Related Albums @ Topless Robot

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Update

the crimson cult (by senses working overtime)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen @ Roger Ebert

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
-- Heavy on Explosives, Light on Smarts @ film.com

The Reject Report Experiences The Revenge of the Fallen

AICN's Quint on Transformers 2 which Harry thinks is "foul mouthed, racist & misogynistic!" (and too long)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
@ The Trades

From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter @ Horror Movie A Day

Thicker Than Water: The Vampire Diaries Part I (2008)
@ Movie Mobsters

Terror on the Beach (1973) @ Kindertrauma

The Bride of Frankenstein @ Coming Attractions of the Past

See The Violent And Unpredictable Aliens Of District 9 @io9

The Cheap Scare Scenrario @ Tor.com

Ten Dream Double Features Worthy of the Drive In @ Horror Hacker

Star Trek Re-Watch: "A Taste of Armageddon" @ Tor.com

Reaper - Season Two @ The Trades


At the Trailer Park: The Last Airbender; 2012; ZombieLand; Ponyo @ SF Signal

Inside Movies Documentary of the Week - Close Encounters: Proof of Alien Contact

SciFiPulse Goes Virtual With Virtuality Actor Nelson Lee

The Zombie Astronaut's Frequency Of Fear:Episode 0.058: Fists Of The Yecchi

Peter Lorre's Mystery in the Air @ Jezner.com

Dimension X - The Potters Of Frisk (07-28-50) @ Boxcars711

The Faerie Queene Book 1 by
Edmund Spenser

Short Science Fiction Collection 19
  • All Cats are Gray by Andre Norton
  • Beyond lies the Wub by Phillip K. Dick
  • The Gallery by Rog Phillips
  • The Happy Unfortunate by Robert Silverberg
  • The Man Who Saw the Future by Edmond Hamilton
  • The Sargasso of Space by Edmond Hamilton
  • A Matter of Proportion by Anne Walker
  • Something Will Turn Up by David Mason
  • Stopover by William Gerken
  • Toy Shop by Harry Harrision

Short Ghost and Horror Collection 003
  • The Beautiful Suit by H.G. Wells
  • The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe
  • Shadow - A Parable by Edgar Allan Poe
  • The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe
  • Their Dear Little Ghost by Elia Wilkinson Peattie
  • The Empty House by Algernon Blackwood
  • Entrance and Exit by Algernon Blackwood
  • A Haunted Island by Algernon Blackwood
  • Fragment by Lafcadio Hearn
  • A Ghoul's Accountant by Stephen Crane
  • The Hounds of Fate by Saki
  • Letter to Sura by Pliny the Younger
  • The Mother and the Dead Child by Hans Andersen
  • A Tropical Horror by William Hope Hodgson

Edcrophilia Ep 5 - Devilish Zombies:  Special Guest - Shane Michaels

Blue Fire by Michael A. Kechula
and Clocks by Lori Titus @ Flashes in the Dark

Assume by Trent Walters and Brains You Cannot Have by Luc Reid @ The Daily Cabal

Bewildering Stories 343
via Quasar Dragon

The Digital Plague by Jeff Somers

via Web Fiction Guide


SF Signal MIND MELD: Guide to International SF/F (Part I )

The Séance by John Harwood
@ Tor.com

'Nekropolis' by Tim Waggoner @ Graeme's Fantasy Book Review

Writers Workshop of Horror: interview with editor Michael Knost @ Tor.com

China Mieville Guest Blogs @ Borders Sci-Fi

Blood of Ambrose by James Enge @ Fantasy Magazine

The Complete Idiot's Guide To Known Space @ Known Space

If Fantasy Outsells Sci-Fi, Why Does the Bookstore Call it the "Science Fiction" Section? @ The Torch

Splash Page
selects This Week's Best Bets: New Horrors From 'Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash,' 'Predator' And Milo Ventimiglia!

Making of a Comic: Predator #1
@ Dark Horse

Lovecraft Lives: Jason Thompson
@ Lovecraft is Missing

Reflections on Barsoom, Part 2
@ Cosmic Cinema

Man From Arlantis 1-7
@ Crosseyed Cyclops

Supernatural Thrillers #5
@ Cool-Mo-Dee

"Forbidden Journey"
@ Diversions of the Groovy Kind

The Shores of Horror
@ Pappy's GACB

Uncle Creepy by Bernie Wrightson @ Fantasy Ink

In Memoriam: Harry Roland
@ Scoop

Adventure, Thrillers...
Dial M for Murder (1954)
@ The Lightning Bug's Lair

Oliver Optic? @ Tor.com

bretmherholz's Sherlockian illustrations @ Scarlet Street Forums



Hanna Barbera All-Star Comedy Ice Revue (1977) @ Cartoon Brew

The 5 Most Disappointing Real-Life Versions of Fictional Movie Toys
@ Topless Robot

9 Unique Ambient Advertisements @ Mental Floss

The 13 Most Unintentionally Disturbing Children's Toys @ Cracked

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Link Tomb

cauldron of death (by senses working overtime)

Interplanetary @ The Lightning Bug's Lair

@ Giallo Fever

Haunted Apartments: Tales of Terror/Kaidan Shin Mimibukuro: Yurei manshon (2005) @ In It For the Kills

Hardware & Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986) @ Retro Slashers

Vampire in Vegas @ Taliesin Meets the Vampires

Bubba Ho-Tep
@ Film For the Soul

@ Cinema Somnambulist

John Carpenter's The Thing
@ Film.com

@ 13

Bloody Parrot (1981)
@ The Horror!?

Blood of Dracula, Blood of Dracula's Castle, The Brain That Wouldn't Die @ Coming Attractions of the Past

The "Red" and "Blue" of Horror Films @ Cinematical

Universal acquires 'Go Mutants!' @ Variety

A Look at Tim Burton's Dark Take on a Classic
@ Famous Monsters

Raimi Returns to the Dead
@ Zombo's Closet

SyFy Prepares To Win Us Over
@ io9

Bryan Fuller exits 'Heroes' @ EW

'FlashForward's' showrunner-approved spoilers
@ Zap2It

Short Film: The Scanner @ SF Signal

Walking Distance Clip
@ Horror Yearbook

The Words and Music of Frankenstein
@ Cool-Mo-Dee

Astounding Stories of Super-Science July 1930 by Various Authors, Murray Leinster, Sewell Peaslee Wright, Harl Vincent, Charles Willard Diffin @ ManyBooks

Short fiction @ ManyBooks:

More dimensions than you'd expect; Samuel Delany's Babel 17
@ Tor.com

'Retribution Falls' – Chris Wooding
@ Graeme's Fantasy Book Review

Let's stop sneering at fantasy reader
s @ The Guardian via Pat's Fantasy Hotlist

Comics Manga...
'Star Trek' Creator's Production Company Announces New 'Days Missing' Comic Book Series
@ Splash Page

Marvel's Zombies Get Literate With New Return @ io9

Fall of Cthulhu Nemesis #3
@ Fandomania

Star Trek: Sercrets...
@ Siskoid's Blog of Geekery

Nightmare Inspector Vol. #01
@ Mania.com

To Be Continued, pt. 9: Comic Books, pt. A @ Lovecraft is Missing

Red Dwarf Magazine / Smegazine @ Crosseyed Cyclops

Supernatural Thrillers #3
@ Cool-Mo-Dee

Terror Below! / Terror in Time @ THOIA

Scenes We Love: Murder By Death @ Cinematical

TV: Stone Undercover @ Hulu


The Partridge Family Comics @ Crosseyed Cyclops

Bionic Ads
@ Booksteve's Library

Monday, June 22, 2009

Morbid Monday

S4w-Monsters126-VoodooIsland (by senses working overtime)


Ils (2006) @ The Lightning Bug's Lair

Blood Monkey (2007)
@ Radiation Scarred Reviews

Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning (1985) - Deluxe Edition DVD
@ Cinefantastique

Son of Godzilla, Sir Drac do Monster Mondays 
@ Jon Knutson's Random Acts of Geekery

offers More Mexican Monster Lobby Cards

The Black Scorpion, Blacula and The Blob @ Coming Attractions of the Past

Horror Yearbook: Horror Poster Gallery

The Asylum Going 3D with the Haunting of Winchester House
@ Dread Central

FEARnet's Guide to Nazi Horror Films

Horrror Hacker's Exorcist Quiz

WOAH THAT'S HEAVY: Serial Killers-Real Life Horror @ Day of the Woman


Row Three's Picks of the weeks Film on TV

Virtuality: Unwanted Cast-Off or Cult Hit in the Making
@ Mania.com

Harper's Island: "Snap" Review

Firefly @ the Wertzone

What Would've Happened on PUSHING DAISIES If It Hadn't Been Canceled? @ The Torch

Merlin @ Hulu

Here Comes Tobor - Pilot (1957)
@ Classic Television Showbiz

The Children trailer @ Carrie White Burns in Hell

Annecy Film Festival Monster Shorts & Axel Brötje's "Kiss of the Scorpion" @ Super Punch


Earth Abides (Pts. 1 & 2) -- George R. Stewart
@ Tangent

Part 1 of "Mad Music" by Victor Pelcher
@ Maria Lectrix

Cool-Mo-Dee's Dracula's Rock and Roll Party - Volume 1

SFFaudio on Miette's Bedtime Story Podcast

Sunday Night Horror w/ Mike Olsson 105: Black Devil Doll writer Shawn Lewis

Tangent Relaunches

Life on Other Worlds Art portfolio @ Fantasy Ink

Paperback Monster Paintings
@ Monster Brains

"The Strain" by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan @ Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin' News & Reviews

'The Salmon of Doubt' by Douglas Adams (2002)
@ Republibot

Glory Road by Robert Heinlein
@ Grognardia

Mysterius The Unfathomable Says Goodbye For Now
@ Newsarama

Star Trek:
Where There's a Will... @ Siskoid

Supernatural Thrillers #1 @ Cool-Mo-Dee

House / The Horrible House

Boston Scream Pie, by Rosemary and Larry Mild
@ Melissa's Bookshelf

The Cat Girl (1973) @ The Groovy Age of Horror

Night Beat - Old Home Week (09-04-50)
@ Boxcars711

Adventures in Manhatten (1936) @ Mystery File

Cinema is Dope's Vintage Movie Wallpaper of the Day - Laura (1944)

Get a Cluedo: The Wonderful Story of Everyone's Favorite Mystery Game
@ mental floss

Paranoia And Fear in Perantauan Pictures' 5:13
@ Twitch

The Cape Town Affair (1967)
@ double 0 section

The Fan Culture Preservation Project!

Zombies Rule: A Book and Movie List (Part 3) @
...With Intent to Commit Horror

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Overnight Update

Satan's Slave @ Brutal As Hell

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
& Murders in the Zoo @ And You Call Yourself a Scientist

Matt Reeves: From 'Cloverfield' to 'Let the Right One In
'@ LA Times

Horrifically Horrifying Music Videos Volume One
@ Space Bastard


The Two Doctors:The Week in Sci Fi

Foundling on Venus by Dorothy De Courcy, John De Courcy
@ ManyBooks

Star Trek:The Price of the Phoenix
@ Siskoid's Blog of Geekery

Bigfoot revisited
@ SF Chronicle

Frank Miller / Howie Chaykin / Walt Simonson / Jim Sherman Interview
(1981) @ The Bronze Age of Blogs

Mystery, Pulp...

Seven Keys to Baldpate by Earl Derr Biggers @ ManyBooks

The Gaunt Stranger (1938)
@ Teleport City

EC Comics: Crime Illustrated
@ Hairy Green Eyeball

OTR: Pursuit (Inspector Peter Black) - The Asiatic Killer (1952) @ Boxcars711

Father's Day Frights

boo mask too (by carbonated)
boo mask too (by carbonated)

Assault! Jack the Ripper (1976) @ The Horror!?

Hanno Cambiato Faccia (1971) @ Taliesin Meets the Vampires

Evil on Two Legs
wonders "Where Have all the Real Horror Films Gone? "

The Posters of Frankenstein : Carry On Screaming @ Frankensteinia

Coming attractions of the Past
Beneath the Planet of the Apes
Billy the Kid Vs. Dracula
The Black Cat
The Black Pit of Dr M

Temple of Schlock's One Sheet of the Week: The Force Beyond (1978)

The Stuff (1985)
@ Nostalgia Party No. 2 Film Stills

Curse of the Headless Horseman (1974)
@ 13

Ladies of Giallo #2: Marina Malfatti by Richard Glenn Schmidt

Psychic Kids – Children of the Paranormal @ Skepticblog

Futureworld (1976) @ SF Signal

The Mansion of the Ghost Cat (1958) [Trailer] @ AsianVirusNet - Youtube

"Satan S'amuse," Segunda de Chomon, 1907 @ Morbid Anatomy  via Nerdcore

Resident Evil The Series - 1x08 - Welcome To Hell @VillageVideoArchives - YouTube

George Lucas: Maker of Films (1971)
@ Binary Bonsai  via Nerdcore

This Week on The Daily Tourniquet


Slice of SciFi #218: Interview with Scott Nickel, Creator of "Eek!"

Fever by The Hermits Cave
@ Relic Radio

Inner Sanctum Mysteries - Black Sea Gull (03-07-43) @ Boxcars711

Weekly World News archives @ Google Books

All Things Impossible: Crown of the Realm by Dalton Reed (2009)
@ ManyBooks

The Woodland Ripper by Nick Allen
@ Flashes in the Dark

Kinesis By Joshua Scribner @ The Daily Tourniquet

FeedBooks SciFi stories:

No Pets Allowed by Monette A. Cummings (Fantastic Universe 1957)
Operation Lorelie by William P. Salton (Amazing Stories 1954)
Keep Out by Frederic Brown (1954)
Cogito, Ergo Sum by John Foster West (Fantastic Universe 1954)
The Mathematicians by Arthur Feldman (1953)
Acid Bath by Vaseleos Garson (1952)

SciFi Guy's Urban Fantasy Weekend Report

Zombies Rule: A Book List (part 2) @ With Intent to Commit Horror

Johannes Cabal: the Necromancer, by Jonathan L. Howard @ BooksGeeks

Princess of Prose: Alethea Kontis
@ Fantasy Magazine

Hannes Bok Gallery
@ Monster Brains

Purple Claw Mysteries Issue #1 & Shadows From Beyond Issue # 50 @ Crosseyed Cyclops

Unpublished Bernie Wrightson Sketch @ Fantasy Ink

Mystery, Crime...

Gorotsuki (1968) [Trailer] @ AsianVirusNet - YouTube

: Will o' the Wisp Mystery by Norman Duncan (1905) @ ManyBooks

Y Not by Travis Erwin
@ Beat to a Pulp

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour with special guest star Gene Lyons (1963) @ Classic Television Showbiz

La mala ordina (1972)
@ Fantamorte

: Suspense - A Killing In Abilene (12-14-50) @ Boxcars711

I Was a Bronze Age Boy's Pulp O' the Day - Doc Savage (1937)

Halloween Stuff...
Halloween How-to: Frankenstein (Video)
@ Full Halloween

Scry's Handy Links for Costume Crafting @ Halloween Forum

Creepy Costumes kids book from 1977
@ The Haunted Closet

Haunt @ haque  via Nerdcore
Using humidity, temperatures and electromagnetic and sonic frequencies that parapsychologists have associated with haunted spaces, this project aims at building an environment that feels "haunted": a non-visual architecture.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Night Quickie

alone in the dark (by senses working overtime)

Film & TV...
Retro Slashers slices its way through Scream 3, and Slaughter High

DVD Talk reviews Mystery Science Theater 3000: XV

Count Yorga, Vampire
@ Cinefantastique

"Prince of Terror" Dracula AD 1972 Promo Reel
@ Booksteve's Library

The American Nightmare @ ArchStantonLives - YouTube
A fascinating documentary, released in 2000, which examines the nature of 60s and 70s American horror films and how they reflected contemporary American society. Includes interviews with John Carpenter, John Landis, Wes Craven, George Romero, Tobe Hooper, David Cronenberg and Tom Savini (who talks about his experiences in Vietnam).

Stepfathers by Grady Hendrix @ Pseudopod

Out of the Coffin #40: True Blood Returns

Slice of SciFi #217

Double Death by Adnane Rehane @ Flashes in the Dark

Samuel Delany Answers Your Science Fiction Questions!
@ io9

Galaxy Mag. Cover Gallery @ Golden Age Comic Book Stories

Star Trek 925. Class Reunion
@ Siskoid's BoG

Witching Hour #4
@ DC Comics 40 Years Ago

Vengeance Crude
@ Diversions of the Groovy Kind

Museum of Murder
@ Grantbridge Street

HeroesCon: Remender On "Doctor Voodoo" @ CBR

Mystery, Pulp, Spies...

A Judgement in Stone by Ruth Rende
ll @ BooksPlease

James Bond cover gallery @ Bear Alley

free e-pulp: The Doctor Prescribes Doom (1941) by Robert Edgar @ PulpGen's Online Pulps

OTR: Secret Mission @ Relic Radio, The Trap (Suspense) @ Jack BennyShow OTR Podcast

Halloween Stuff...
Undeadvoodoomonkey's amazing Old Skull mask paint work @ HauntForum

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Night Fanger

S4w-Monsters008-Dracula (by senses working overtime)

The Shiniest Stories On io9 Last Week


Vinyan @ Shadowplay

The Number 23 (2007) @ Movie Mobsters

The Hunger (1983)
@ Paracinema

Haze (2005) Reincarnation (2005) and Tokyo Zombie (2005) @ JPREVIEW

Portrait of Hell (Jigoku-hen
) @ Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow

Godzilla: EBIRAH, Horror of the Deep Asahi Sonorama Book and Record set 1966
@ An Eternal Thought in the Mind of Godzilla

Two Asian Vampires Mix School-Girl Uniforms And Troubled Priests @ io9

Tommy Wirkola Talks 'Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters' @ FSR

Darren Bousman to Direct Mother's Day Re-make @ Brutal as Hell

Coming Attractions of the Past brings us poster/LC goodness from Beginning of the End, The Beast With 1,000,000 Eyes! and The Beast of Hollow Mountain!

China Mieville on Lovecraft's "Horror at Red Hook" @ Omnivoracious

Horror of the Blood Monsters (1970) @ Rare and Obscure Movie Trailers

Toy Movies
(Peter Jackson's The Smurfs, David Lynch's Koosh Ball...) @ Cinematical


Alan Moore and Tim Perkins: Snakes and Ladders @ Rik Rawling's Psych Skull

SciFi Tie - Ins Episode 18 (Featuring Big Finish Interview with John Ainsworth)

Necronomicons - Treadwell's Lecture by Dan Harms @ Yog-Sogoth


The Battle of Ganymede by Mark Laurence
@ Afterburn

Dead Conversation By Adam Martin, Spook Show By L.B. Kroger @ MicroHorror

Genre Police
@ Tor.com

Zombies Rule: A Book List (part 1) @ ...With Intent to Commit Horror

Star Trek 924: Starfleet Academy!
@ Siskoid

'Reaper' TV Series Could Live On As Comic Book, Says Tyler Labine @ Splash Page

The Siamese Twin Mystery by Ellery Queen
@ Mystery File

Radio Drama Revival 127:Tom Lopez's 4-Minute Film Noir

Hickey and Boggs
@ Secret Dead Blog

New Sherlock Holmes Posters
@ Empire


Jean Shepherd - Summer Picnic June 19 1970 (mp3 stream) via OTR Free Podcast

Some Old-School Japanese Film Posters
@ Wildgrounds

The Rites of Eleusis
@ Occult Detective