Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday II

56.365, sometime u need 2 kill someone (by Maman Fufue)
56.365, sometime u need 2 kill someone (by Maman Fufue)

Blood: The Last Vampire (2009) @ Taliesin Meets the Vampires

Salvage and Pontypool @ Film Stalker

ZombieWestern: It Came from the West @ Midnight Showing

Don't go in the Woods / The Forest
@ DVD Talk

Frankenstein (1910) @ Stop the Planet of the Apes...I Want to Get Off

H.P. Lovecraft and Hollywood -- an unholy alliance? @ Hero Complex

'Harper's Island' Heads for a "Splash"
@ BuddyTV

Space - The Circuit Podcast

David Goyer and Pia Guerra, discuss Y the Last man, Director James Strong talks about Dr. Who, and I have a lengthy chat with the author of Underground Classics, James Danky.
Pseudopod 148: Graffiti

Radio Drama Revival
: Episode 128: NATF in the Field and “The Return of the Bogman Mummy”

Nocturnal: Thrill of the Hunt
@ Junkie Mae's Chop Shop

Be It Ever Thus by Robert Moore Williams (Fantastic Universe  1954)
@ ManyBooks

Arm of the Law by Harry Harrison (Fatastic Universe 1958) and The Great Dome on Mercury by Arthur Leo Zagat (1932) @ FeedBooks

Acid Rain By Rod Drake
and (Your Name Here): Your Life Tomorrow By Tarvarus Goodwin @ MicroHorror

The City in the Lake by Rachel Meumeier
and Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link @ Becky's Book Reviews

 Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon and Flinx 60 Seconds @

Science Fiction Books That Launched Their Own Genres
@ io9

Around a Dark Corner by Jeani Rector
@ Dread Central

Star Trek v.2 #30 Veritas
@ Siskoid

Supernatural Thrillers #10 @ Cool-Mo-Dee

Dellec #0

Halloween Stuff...

How to Cut Pants & Shirts for Zombie Costumes
@ Full Halloween

Mystery, Adventure..
Impossible But True
@ Silver Age Comics

Biggles - Spitfire Parade
@ downthetubes

Forgotten Classics Podcast Episode 85: Mary Stewart, The Moonspinners

So Long at the Fair (1950) @ Mystery File

Some Girls Do
(1969) @ Teleport City

TCM Saturday Morning:


Capture Ghosts on Your Phone and Nintendo DSI @ Dread Central

Everyone Loves Creepy Kids - Madura Inocencia @ Haute Macabre

Buck Rogers XZ-31 Rocket Pistol (Daisy, 1934)
@ Attic of Astounding Artifacts

The Fantasy Worlds of Bad Eighties Music Videos, Case One: Billy Ocean's "Lover Boy"
@ Enter the Octopus