Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Night Fanger

S4w-Monsters008-Dracula (by senses working overtime)

The Shiniest Stories On io9 Last Week


Vinyan @ Shadowplay

The Number 23 (2007) @ Movie Mobsters

The Hunger (1983)
@ Paracinema

Haze (2005) Reincarnation (2005) and Tokyo Zombie (2005) @ JPREVIEW

Portrait of Hell (Jigoku-hen
) @ Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow

Godzilla: EBIRAH, Horror of the Deep Asahi Sonorama Book and Record set 1966
@ An Eternal Thought in the Mind of Godzilla

Two Asian Vampires Mix School-Girl Uniforms And Troubled Priests @ io9

Tommy Wirkola Talks 'Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters' @ FSR

Darren Bousman to Direct Mother's Day Re-make @ Brutal as Hell

Coming Attractions of the Past brings us poster/LC goodness from Beginning of the End, The Beast With 1,000,000 Eyes! and The Beast of Hollow Mountain!

China Mieville on Lovecraft's "Horror at Red Hook" @ Omnivoracious

Horror of the Blood Monsters (1970) @ Rare and Obscure Movie Trailers

Toy Movies
(Peter Jackson's The Smurfs, David Lynch's Koosh Ball...) @ Cinematical


Alan Moore and Tim Perkins: Snakes and Ladders @ Rik Rawling's Psych Skull

SciFi Tie - Ins Episode 18 (Featuring Big Finish Interview with John Ainsworth)

Necronomicons - Treadwell's Lecture by Dan Harms @ Yog-Sogoth


The Battle of Ganymede by Mark Laurence
@ Afterburn

Dead Conversation By Adam Martin, Spook Show By L.B. Kroger @ MicroHorror

Genre Police

Zombies Rule: A Book List (part 1) @ ...With Intent to Commit Horror

Star Trek 924: Starfleet Academy!
@ Siskoid

'Reaper' TV Series Could Live On As Comic Book, Says Tyler Labine @ Splash Page

The Siamese Twin Mystery by Ellery Queen
@ Mystery File

Radio Drama Revival 127:Tom Lopez's 4-Minute Film Noir

Hickey and Boggs
@ Secret Dead Blog

New Sherlock Holmes Posters
@ Empire


Jean Shepherd - Summer Picnic June 19 1970 (mp3 stream) via OTR Free Podcast

Some Old-School Japanese Film Posters
@ Wildgrounds

The Rites of Eleusis
@ Occult Detective