Sunday, September 14, 2008

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13 contemplates leaving The 30-Foot Bride of Candy Rock at the altar.

Crosseyed Cyclops shares the "extreme and violent" horror comic "Gore Shriek #1".

Dinner with Max Jenke wonders about "the unknown shooter" in the old Texas Chainsaw Massacre video game.

The Horror Section examines the French genre offering Martyrs.

The Horrors of it all shares Homecoming from 1954's Ghostly weird Stories #124...
"Jay Disbrow was one of a handful of pre-code artist/writers that could take an ordinary horror story idea and really give it that little extra something special... and if you love his stuff then you'll love this one for sure. It's a strangely satisfying story full of gasping sudden violence and hideous metamorphosis--- plus a truly exceptional Monster Mosh Pit ending!"

HorrorsNotDead's week in review is up

Movies at Midnight reviews The Morgue.

Quasar Dragon points us to Manybooks release of the 1916 Horror Anthology Uncanny Tales plus lots more free eBooks, zines, and audio goodness .

Cinedelica reviews The Gore Gore Girls.

Daemon's TV has Supernatural S4 news & spoilers.

ShadowPlay on The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake.

Twitch reviews Eden Lake.

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Mark of the Witch / The Brides Wore Blood
This bloody double bill features Mark of the Witch, in which a group of college kids resurrect an old hag, and The Brides Wore Blood, in which vampires hound a family trying to break an ancient curse. In the first film, the resurrected witch promptly switches bodies with one of the coeds and wreaks havoc on the kids' descendents. In the second movie, one of the bloodsuckers in question tries to impregnate a woman in order to keep his kind alive.

Zontar: Thing from Venus / The Eye Creatures: Double Feature

This creepy double feature combines two of director Larry Buchanan's cult hits. In Zontar: Thing from Venus, Keith Ritchie (Anthony Huston), a scientist, and his colleague Curt Taylor (John Agar) face off against an extraterrestrial monster who's come to Earth to turn humans into zombielike beings with no emotions. Inspired by a 1957 sci-fi flick, The Eye Creatures has a teenager (John Ashley) and his girlfriend hunting down a UFO.

Monster of London City / Mystery of the Red Orchid: Double Feature
Settle in for a night of horror and mystery with this dark double feature from Germany. In Monster of London City, the spirit of Jack the Ripper seems to be alive and well in 1960s London. A series of vicious slayings appear to point to the lead in the new play about the famous slasher. Next, in Mystery of the Red Orchid, wealthy people are receiving mysterious notes demanding protection money -- and those who don't pay wind up brutally murdered.

The Magic Voyage of Sinbad / Day the Earth Froze: Double Feature
Two legends, producer Roger Corman and director Francis Ford Coppola, took part in restoring these relatively unknown classics from the 1960s produced by American International Pictures. In this pair of entertainingly trippy films, discover Sinbad's magical adventures (which Coppola refashions from the original Russian version) and find out what happens when the planet turns dangerously, frighteningly cold one day.

Wooster Carneal (Mitchell Rad) always does the right thing. But when he loses his wife, his job and his home, a desperate Wooster is extorted into harvesting human organs for the black market. While hunting down his unsuspecting victims, he also takes revenge on those who ruined his life. But to save himself, Wooster must stay three steps ahead of police and the organ brokers. Banning Lary directs this "mildly erotic comedy horror thriller."

The Inheritance of Furry Braincups (by snailbooty) Rabbit (by ian boyd) Amazing stories - Terror at Cern (by jasperrrrietman)