Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday stuff

Ryan Keefer at DVDTalk reviews Supernatural: The Complete Third Season

kindertrauma looks at the Bigfoot horror flick Night of the Demon.

Dread Central reminds us that Spike's Scream 2008 nominees have been announced.

the Fortress of Fortitide shares some vintage sapphic subtext in the classic horror comic story Partners in Blood.

The Horrors of it All has another eerie comic gem Witch-Hunt!

The Last Blog on the Left reviews Doomsday.

Zombo's Closet of Horror has a great post full of sage advice for would be dead meat : The Horror Movie Victim's Guide to Being a Good Victim.

Fringe Television has loads of info including a comparison of the official pilot we all saw the other night and the previously leaked version, lots of info on the viral marketing of the series and scans of the Fringe comic.

(I'm still lukewarm on Fringe - I love the idea but the pilot's second act dragged on forever and I'm pretty much done with the "evil corporation/government agency" thing that every movie and Tv show from Prison Break to Barney seems to default to in order to prove how little real imagination the writers actually have.)

Librivox has released a rare version of a famous tale: TheString of Pearls
"The tale of Sweeney Todd has had many incarnations, most famously the stage and movie musical by Stephen Sondheim. But it all started in 1846 with a serialized telling of the story titled "The String of Pearls" in the weekly magazine "The People's Periodical and Family Library". Called by some a romance, by others a horror story, it is one of the earliest murder mysteries. In "The String of Pearls", Sweeney Todd is less sympathetic than in some of his later incarnations – a perfect villain, totally self-seeking with no redeeming qualities. How the deeds of Todd are uncovered and how he is brought to justice make a most intriguing tale, but one probably not suited for the very young and certainly not for the squeamish. (Summary by John Lieder)."