Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday Stuff

GaryP11111 at the Classic Horror Film Board looks at the 1938 ad war between competing theaters ballyhoo-ing their horror bills .

Geff Hinds on The Haunting of Hill House at Coudal Partners' Field Tested Books.

kindertrauma takes Communion with Christopher Walken.

13: Music from Monster Movies takes in The Terror.

Ain't it Cool! = Quint on Bava's Black Sabbath, Fantastic Fest.

Fantastic Fest Intergalactic Trailer Force 9000 (via AICN)

Has Final Girl found "The greatest VHS box art ever?"

Fortress of Fortitude presents "The Woman In The Tower" by Jack Kirby (Strange World Of Your Dreams #3)

Frankensteinia has a couple of amazing pix of Dr. Frankenstein's Laboratory as envisioned by Industrial light & Magic for the sadly unrealized CGI frankenstein.

Giallo Fever examines Judex.

The Horrors of it All has gone to the Ants - Them! trailer, WWIII with the Ants!

Cinema Fromage reviews Cinematic Titanic's riffing of The Wasp Woman.

"Fringe Will Jump The Shark Early And Often, Says J.J. Abrams" at io9.

Monster Memories has a vintage interview with Bride of Frankenstein's Elsa Lanchester.


Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield
Curse of Alcatraz
When a Stranger Calls
The Hills Are Alive
Fear Itself


Head (by Horriblesweet) halloween season is coming (by ConcreteWaffer) skull poster (by aziritt)