Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday night's stuff

Sage advice from kindertrauma:
"If you're experiencing Bigfoot mania and you want it to end immediately, just watch THE CURSE OF BIGFOOT"
Carrie White Burns in Hell has a vintage commercial for The Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows Game!

Horror's Not Dead reviews the Korean genre flick Hansel & Gretel:
"...Yim either thinks we are f**k**g stupid or he was obliging an undisclosed running time clause, because the movie takes arduous time acknowledging this and every other twist the audience agrees on well before the movie does. I have many, but that may be one of my higher horror movie pet peeves. Don't handicap my experience because someone else may be too thick to crack your substitution code..."
Cinefantasique's gone Psycho!
A fascinating article at io9: The Roots of Today's Science Fiction Go Back Centuries

When the producer's of the recently released Child's Play DVD decided not to include director Tom Holland, Icons of Fright stepped in and commissioned a brand new commentary track. You can download it free of charge and synch it up with the DVD. Nice one Icons of Fright!

Mad Monsters Make Magical Monster Memories!

Weird and Headless @ Lady, That's My Skull.

Movie Morlocks take a loving look back at the days of the "Great Spookshow Circuit"!

Spoiler TV on the premiere episode of SciFi's Santuary.

Twitch has the official lineup for the Sitges festival.