Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday stuffage

13 unearths dear old Basil Rathbone's final film, Autopsia De Un Fantasma!
"...This was Basil Rathbone's last film, and Yes, it's sad to say that the careers of some of the best, ended up as nothing more than Mexican farting robots!...:
Ain't it Cool points the way to the HD trailer for Fears in the Dark.

"The Strange Tree" grows at The Horrors of it All.

Dread Central gives us a heads up that the latest installment of No None Survivors is now available.

Bloody Good Horror Podcast Episode #41 now up

Hulu has added some Web Exclusive clips from "reality" show Ghost Hunters.

SFF Audio reviews Librivox's Turn of the Screw.

Super Punch's picks for the best covers coming out of DC's December releases include a nifty classic monsterific one by Gary Frank for Action #872.

Grantbridge Street shares "Blood of Our Fathers".

Toyriffic takes a look at a couple of his favorite Mystery Machines.

Twitch has the International trailer for the Russian horror remake Viy.

Underwire looks at Rick Geary's "The Lindbergh Child: America's Hero and the Crime of the Century"

Spoiler TV has..

Pop Vultures
has a Supernatural Preview.

Thrilling Days of Yesteryear remembers The Shadow.

Netflix Watch Instantly
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Cheezy Fantasy Trailers
Swords, sorcery, monsters and mayhem abound in this collection of trailers for some of Hollywood's most spectacularly silly fantasy movies. Relive the magic -- without actually sitting through the movies -- of such good/bad flicks as The Giant Gila Monster, Mighty Ursus, Hercules, Captain Sinbad and The Slave. Also included are The Giant Behemoth, From Beyond Space, Valley of the Dragon, The Cyclops, The Abominable Snowman and more.

The Exorcist Chronicles
Dr. Eric Forester practices abnormal psychology, but this project may be beyond anything he's ever seen. It's 1983 and the Catholic Church approaches him to validate claims of demonic possession in this purported documentary. After he interviews several priests, Dr. Forester makes startling discoveries in his investigation. What horrifying truth lies behind these claims? The answer will scare the hell out of you.

King of the Rocket Men
A villain who calls himself Dr. Vulcan uses a remote control to kill a group of atomic researchers one by one in this classic sci-fi serial from the days of kid-centered Saturday matinees. Believing Dr. Vulcan is a member of their team who wants to grab all the glory of their technological discoveries for himself, one of the scientists (Tristram Coffin) dons an experimental rocket suit and takes to the skies to battle the evil adversary.