Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Halloween at MY(P)WHAE, Part 2--Halloween Humour

MY(P)WHAE has released part two of it's amazing collection of vintage Halloween tunes. Check out this "slaylist":
THE LOCH NESS MONSTER, PTS. 1 & 2--John Tilley, 1934. From Columbia 78.
SWEENEY TODD THE BARBER--Stanley Holloway, 1956.
WITH HER HEAD TUCKED UNDER HER ARM--Cyril Scott, 1949. From Castle 78.
THE COOL GOOL--Sharkey Todd and His Monsters, 1959.
THE HORROR SHOW--Sharkey Tood and His Monsters, 1959.
I'M A MUMMY--Douglas Byng, 1963.
GHOST RHAPSODY (Templeton)--Alec Templeton, 1938.
IN THE HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING (Grieg)--Orig. Piano Quartet, 1964.
SPOOKY SPOOKS (Claypoole)--Prince's Band, 1916.
THE SNEAK--(Herb Nacio Brown)--Club Royal Orch., 1922.
Get it Here!!!

and if you haven't already snagged it here's where you'll find Part One