Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday night stuff

Greenbriar Picture Shows has yet another amazing post up. This time, a look at "The Pair That Curled Your Hair", Dracula and Frankenstein!
"...For seven years after their initial release in 1931, showmen regarded them separately. Playdates were infrequent as Universal provided sequels (Bride Of Frankenstein, Dracula's Daughter) beginning right where originals left off, but there were gold deposits untapped even as the mine's route lay not hidden, but in plain sight. The magic was in combining them, but nobody thought of that until seemingly bungled reissues of Frankenstein and Dracula suddenly caught fire together in August 1938..."
Cool-Mo-Dee shares The New Kroft Supershow Comic (#1) featuring "...Magic Mongo, Bigfoot and Wildboy, Kaptain Kool and the Kongs, and Wonderbug."

Fringe Television has uncovered Walter's Lab Notes.

Gloomy Sunday reviews The House That Fear Built by Cassandra Knye (aka Thomas M Disch and John Sladek)

"Listen! Do You Smell Something?": The Horror / Comedy Divide at The Last Blog on the Left

Radio Drama Revival offers Quicksilver Radio Theater's production of The Speckled Band! Part One | Part Two

Mashed Up or Sweded - The Homemade SciFi Worth Watching Online at SciFi Scanner.

SF Audio reminds us to pick up the Torchwood Radio Drama "Lost Souls" while it's still free plus free Doctor Who and 5 more fantastic free listens!

Sweet Skulls reviews "Garfield in Disguise" (aka "Garfield's Halloween Adventure")

A Trip to Vietnamese Hell (via Japundit)

Between Productions honors The Blob on it's 50th anniversary! (via Arbogast on Film)

TV Squad's Jason Hughes looks at Ten unfinished sci fi/fantasy series ... and I'm dying for resolution

Movie Morlocks looks back at the "Genuine Hand-painted Movie Masks" that were, once upon a time, advertised for sale in the pages of Famous Moinsters Magazine.