Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tuesday morning stuff

Fantastic Fest is streaming 10 films gratis...
"From September 14-20, AMD FANTASTIC FEST ONLINE will provide five feature films and five shorts from the official 2008 Fantastic Fest lineup to also be available for online viewing for free via the BSide network. All films will stream in low-resolution for slow connections and in beautiful high-resolution for those with blazing speed.

You must be a member of the BSide community to watch the films, but the good news is that it is quick, easy and free to join. We encourage those who participate in AMD FANTASTIC FEST ONLINE to also rate and review the films, as we will be awarding cash and technology prizes courtesy of AMD to the 'online audience favorite' short and feature films. Awards will be presented on Monday, September 22 as part of the official 2008 Fantastic Fest awards ceremony..."
The Internet Archive has three new genre offerings available...
Netflix Watch Instantly (req. account)
The Children (imdb)
After being exposed to a noxious gas that's been leaking from the local power plant, a busload of New England children are transformed into terrifying zombies with pitch-black talons and a hankering for human flesh. Now, it's up to local Sheriff Billy Hart (Gil Rogers) to save the tiny town of Ravensback by rounding up the "little monsters." But are his valiant efforts to play hero enough to ground them for good?

io9 reviews True Blood.Plus Will We See Hellboy The TV Show?

Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies looks at one of my favorite guilty pleasure - the trippy fungal horror that is Matango!

Courtesy of Professor Hex:
Ripper's reign of terror 'began 25 years earlier'
The New York Times Attempts To Kill The Devil

And Now the Screaming Starts has a post up about the above Jersey Devil story as well.

Super Punch points us to a wicked kewl skull and crossed mics tee-shirt design up at Threadless.

Final Girl sits down for a steaming bowl of The Food of the Gods!

Fringe Bloggers has a Fringe News Round-Up

Scene 1 - Unaware (by _inma) J for Joker (by Eduardo Nasi) Mud Bath Barbie.. (by Sea Moon)