Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Book of Lists: Horror is an unstoppable killer...

It killed my whole afternoon and I just can't stop picking it up and reading some more. I haven't gotten to today's "stuff" post because the moment I ripped open the Amazon package it came in I've been a slave to the book. I try to stop. I tell myself I need to slow down, save some lists for later, but the book's editors have used the devilishly clever device of putting one list right after another so you just can't help but get sucked in to reading more and more.  A perfect example of evil genius at work.

I grew up addicted to the various "Book of Lists", and the preceeding "The People's Almancs" and it turned me into a bite size trivia factoid junkie long before USA Today, and eventually the Web, institutionalized the format. I had high hopes for this latest Horror edition and I haven't been disappointed in the least. 

So, I'll have a jumbo sized "stuff" post up a little bit later this evening and when the links are even older and staler than usual you'll know what's to blame.