Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday afternoon stuff

Midnight Marquee has released it's first all digital issue! It's superb, as expected, and it's free (though a small donation would certainly be in order if you like what you read!)
I couldn't find a table of contents online so here's a cap of the front cover...

io9 has an in depth investigation into the Fringe ARG that's been floating around in the run up to the show's premiere. (ARG = Alternate Reality Game)

Spoiler TV has some Fringe newspaper scans.

At Twitch Todd Brown reviews Deadgirl.

There's a potentially great thread just starting at the Classic Horror Film Board courtesy of user Dr Mirakle32 ....
FRANKENSTEIN and DRACULA: The Complete Stories

"While doing double features all these years, I always wondered what it would be like, if the first two films in both the Dracula and Frankenstein franchises were re-edited into one long film. That is, combining FRANKENSTEIN with BRIDE into one movie, and DRACULA with DAUGHTER into another. Most of their sequels are self contained adventures, whereas the first sequels in both series pick up right after the originals.


Has anybody here tried to do something like this?"

Watch the classic ghostly comedy Topper at TCM.
"The Kerby's (Cary Grant and Constance Bennett) won't let mortality wreck their plans to jazz up the life of their friend Cosmo Topper (Roland Young) in director Norman Z. McLeod's Topper, 1937."