Friday, September 05, 2008

time for one last Friday stuff

Todd Brown at Twitch reviews Krabat (based on the novel The Satanic Mill)...
"...Krabat is the sort of film that reminds children’s films do not necessarily need to be safe or easy or pretty. It comes from an age that recognized that fantasy can be dark and ominous as easily - perhaps even more easily - than beautiful and good. It comes from a world where morals are secondary to survival and young people are stranded, simply left alone to muddle their own way through. Targeted much more to the twelve or thirteen year old set than the six or seven year old bracket that most Hollywood kids films aim for, Krabat is darker and more complex by far than anything you’d see marketed for children on these shores..."
How a Coke Machine Fueled the Feud Between Davis and Crawford on Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte @ AMC's Monsterfest.

io9 has info on a pair of intriguing new French horror films.

Librivox has released The People That Time Forgot, sequel to the previously released Land That time Forgot.

Spoiler TV has two new True Blood trailers plus the Entertainment Tonight preview.


MOTEL HELL (by mariano villalba) zuul gatekeeper (by _svenger) the Man with the Snake tongue (by tzvika migael)