Tuesday, September 23, 2008

overnight stuff

The first Aspect Ratio Podcast is now available:
Our first podcast is up with interviews of Sandy Clark, writer/producer of "American Scary", and Rich Scrivani, author of the coolest book on Zacherley - "Goodnight, Whatever You Are!"
the second Bagged and Boarded Podcast is now up:
BAGGED & BOARDED #2: The Sheening - In Which Matt and Jesse discuss the delicate subject of sex (very delicately), FINAL CRISIS, Lars Von Trier, and are paid an imaginary visit from Alan Moore, Jimmy Moore… and Dracula. The bus to hilarity town has arrived, folks. All Aboard…

Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies
looks at Paul Bartel's "Private Parts".

Bruce Campbell Atones for Bubba Ho-Tep With My Name Is Bruce (Monsterfest)

"I WILL eat your hand, Mommy." (Rifftrax Blog)

Captain Gardiner of the International Police, A Secret Service Novel of the Future, by Allen Robert Dodd @ Manybooks

Chester Brown's Zombie Romance @ The Walrus
"I hate zombies. I loathe the marketing of "culture." But I admire Chester Brown. And I think I love Chester Brown's comic strip about zombies attending cultural events..."
DVD Talk Reviews...
The Devils Chair
Fat Albert Halloween Special
Alvin & the Chipmunks Classic Holiday Gift Set
The Top Ten Must See Made for Television Horror Films of the 70s (Made For TV Mayhem)

Bird With Crystal Plumage to be Remade Next? (Dread Central)

Viva Santo! (TCM Movieblog)

The Mentalist @ Meta Critic