Monday, October 13, 2008

31 Days: Tricks and Treats: Day 13 : Afternoon

13 : The Invisible Boy

Dave Sindelar reviews 1966's Exorcism at Midnight

datajunkie shares the 1974 Nightmare Summer Special plus some great psychotronic radio ads.

Dr. K reviews Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter and then wraps up Hammer Week with a taste of Kiss of the Vampire.

Dinner with Max Jenke reviews Quarantine as does The Horror Section.

The Horrors of it All kicks off a ghost story marathon with The Man Who Talked to Ghosts!

rockpainterx has added another colorized monster clip: Glenn Strange in A&C Meet Frankenstein

Movie Dearest goes on location in Blair Witch Country

The Crawling Hand
A medical student finds the deadly hand of a lost astronaut sought by scientists.

Terror is a Man
A shipwrecked sailor finds a mad doctor turning a panther into a human on Blood Island

The Phantom From 10,000 Leagues
An oceanographer finds a professor's atomic mutant behind California beach deaths.