Saturday, October 11, 2008

31 Days: Tricks and Treats: Day 11: Late-ish

B Movie Star offers up some fun Halloween Party Games and great vintage photos.

More splendid Vintage Halloween Photos at Little Hokum Blog

datajunkie invites us to follow The Phantom Stranger

DVD Savant reviews :
Exploitation Retrospect tunes into Halloween Addict's "Make Your Halloween Special".

Condemned to Live @ Internet Archive
After a series of unsolved murders, a man finds out that his mother was bitten by a vampire bat during her pregnancy, and he believes that he may be the vampire committing the murders.
Summer's over but it's never to late to resist Sleepaway Camp with Film School Rejects.

Before there was I Am Legend there was Mary Shelly's The Last Man now available at Librivox - Also at Librivox The Castle of Otranto and The Wood Beyond the World and A Houseboat on the Styx.

The brilliantly macabre, dark craftwork of Alex CF via Super Punch