Sunday, October 19, 2008

31 Days: Tricks and Treats: Day 19: Near Midnight

Been away from the web this weekend - no way I'll catch up all at once but here's a start...

Vinnie Rattolle
offers up his 4th annual Halloween Compilation - "See Me in the Mirror" Plus make sure you grab the three previous volumes!

has a look and a listen to Tobor the Great and Rostro Infernal

Loads of costume and make-up video tutorials at 365 Halloween - For the guys, for the gals

Anchorwoman in Peril reviews Funeral Home and Three Extremes

And Now the Screaming Starts examines the true horror of An American Crime.

B-Movie Star has some disturbing children's costumes plus a link to deadlicious's Monster Madness Magazine Gallery

The Blood Spattered Scribe inspects The Amityville Horror.

Cool-Moe-Dee has Pound Puppies - Ghost Hounders plus Man-Thing and House of Mystery goodness.

Franklin Mint Blog dis-inherits The Son of Dracula. While Giant Monsters Attack! is rather disappointed by Son of Kong and Film School Rejects adopt The Lost Boys

Hulu has added The Search for the Next Elvira

iTunes offers a free episode of Witchblade

The Vault of Horror reviews Joost's Halloween movie offerings

DVD Talk Reviews:
Ghost Hunt: Season 1, Part 1
Room 205