Saturday, September 06, 2008

something more for the weekend

Movie Morlocks reviews The Book of Lists: Horror.

Thanks to Mark Douglas Nelson and the Second Annual SFFaudio Challenge we all get a spiffy new audio version of H Beam Piper's "Space Viking"

Giallo Fever looks at Alberto De Martino's Blood Link / Extrasensorial

The Groovy Age of Horror has posted the latest chapter of "Night Falls on a Fairy Tale"!

Creepy Classics reports:
"Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery returns from the grave after nearly 30 years!"

"...With a new introduction by Boris Karloff's daughter Sara Karloff, this collection brings together four long-unavailable comics in a handsome hardcover Archival format—the first two issues of Boris Karloff Thriller , as well as the first two issues of the series that would continue shocking and amusing audiences for almost one hundred issues, Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery .

The newest addition to the Dark Horse Archives program, and following on the heels of the return of the legendary Creepy and Eerie , the first hardcover collection is slated for release in 2009. Dark Horse has plans to collect all 97 of these highly sought after issues into four beautifully bound hardcover volumes..."

Hulu has added a page for Fringe. Nothing but clips (14 at the moment) but I assume there will eventually be full episodes.

DVDTalk has reviews of Cannibal Terror and Never Cry Werewolf

via Creepy Classics and The Classic Horror Film Board... a very cool 2D animation test for a Monster Kids cartoon show.


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