Saturday, September 27, 2008

mid-Saturday stuff

One Step Beyond:Ordeal on Locust Street (1959)
A seemingly normal family is hiding a terrible secret: their son has the features of a deformed, fish-like monster. A somewhat mysterious hypnotist with strange powers claims that he can help them, and in their desperation they enlist his aid.
Wonderful handcrafted items for Autumn and Halloween: Etsy's Autumn Showcase

Join Jerry Beck, from Cartoon Brew, for a Cartoon Spooktacular on 10/21 at the Silent Movie Theater in Hollywood.
Animation historian Jerry Beck returns to the Cinefamily with a special show of the horrific characters, monsterous motifs and the creepiest concepts in classic animated cartoons from the 1930s to the 1960s. Frankenstein's Cat, Casper the Friendly Ghost, and Milton the Monster join forces with the groovy ghoulies, screaming skulls and bloody best of animation's past. Beck will also present several brand new "monsterrific" cartoons and special guest animators to discuss their ghastly influences. Rare 16mm and 35mm prints will be screamed… err, screened.
Plus, if you're local, don't miss TV Tuesday: Halloween Edition on 10/28 and The Tingler and Cinefamily Halloween Party on Halloween itself!

Shadowplay looks at the career of nearly forgotten genre director George King.

Animation Backgrounds has a spooky cap of some spooky trees from Snow White.

Netflix Watch Instantly (req account)
Deep beneath New York City, a homeless boy (Sebastian Montoya) joins a mystical visitor (Larry Swansen) in a quest to locate five lost nobles and unlock the door to paradise for Scum City's residents. A murderous giant (Rick Poli) is also on the hunt, and danger lurks around every grimy corner. Filmed in New York's network of sewers and tunnels, John Harlacher's surreal tale follows the boy through his harrowing pursuit of a brighter existence.

In a decaying future world, strange events unfold inside a run-down hospital. Dr. Penny Second's (Peta Lily) world careens chaotically: Her lover's been murdered, and Det. Sgt. Stiltskin, who's investigating the case, suddenly goes mad. Infatuated with Penny and blinded by a jealous rage, Stiltskin doggedly pursues Penny's new lover through a nightmare of bloodshed and insanity. Christopher Middleton and Robert Golden direct.

Journey inside the mind of the man who shaped such surreal cinematic masterpieces as Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart and "Twin Peaks" with this absorbing documentary that traces David Lynch's creative process as he works on his latest film. Filmmaker Søren Larsen follows Lynch for two years during the making of Inland Empire, capturing both the experimental vision of the innovative director and the personal life of the man.
Hallowindow: animated window displays for Halloween @ Drawn!