Tuesday, September 30, 2008

last stuff before October

datajunkie offers two prime examples of The Horror Art Of Dick Ayers!

Evil on Two Legs says House of the Dead: Overkill has "the best. game trailer. evar".

The Groovy Age of Horror compares and contrasts Tomb of Dracula's two incarnations.

Cinema Fromage reviews Pulse 2

Skull-A-Day on Martha Stewart!!!

Hulu has added SciFi's Sanctuary
Dr. Helen Magnus holds the secret to a clandestine population of strange beings that hide among humans.
io9 on Sanctuary: Sanctuary Stuffed To The Gills With Ape People, Mermaids and Greenscreens

2008: The Year in Horror Movie...Posters @ Suvudu

Fan made Buffy Season 8 animated videos via Wheedonesque

Anime's Hell Girl Comes to American TV @ The Underwire

Super Punch points us too a super nifty Frankenstein Papercraft!

Here's a Super Mario Boo Papercraft @ Papercraft Paradise

And a Freddy Krueger @ Horrorwood

Very cool Ancient-looking tombstones (Terra @ Halloween Forum)

The Internet Archive presents the classic TV program Suspense - The Cask Of Amontillado with Bela Lugosi

Netflix Watch Instantly (req account)

A half-human, half vampire sets out to destroy her vampire king father in this Gothic horror film based on the video game. Bloodthirsty Lord Kagan (Ben Kingsley) wants his daughter to become a full-fledged vampiress, but fanged femme fatale Rayne (Kristanna Loken) denounces her father's legacy and instead joins up with a trio of vampire hunters (Michael Madsen, Michelle Rodriguez and Matt Davis). Billy Zane and Udo Kier co-star.
BloodRayne 2: Deliverance

The Last Hour
Six hard-core criminals are lured by letters -- each from their late fathers promising wealth beyond their wildest dreams -- to a remote bulletproof house, where they soon discover they have only an hour to live … unless they can survive. The cops are outside awaiting their chance to take out these six, but the group actually has only one thing to fear: the mysterious madman on the inside who's icing them one by one.

Somebody Help Me
Brendan (Marques Houston) and Darryl (Omarion Grandberry) take their girlfriends and a few other buddies to a remote cabin for a weekend. But they soon realize that the locals are not at all what they seem, and terror strikes shortly after. One by one, the vacationers go missing or go dead, and the survivors must team up to get away from this nightmarish getaway in this teen horror flick in the vein of Cabin Fever and The Hills Have Eyes.

Rejected by her alcoholic adoptive father and abandoned by her adoptive mother, teenager Acey (Sarah Paulson) must also deal with the fact that she's suddenly begun levitating while she sleeps. Acey enlists the help of disc jockey Downbeat (Ernie Hudson) and the enigmatic Bob (Jeremy London) in her quest to find her real mother. As Acey searches for a family to love her, she also uncovers the truth behind her supernatural condition.

Timber Falls
When Mike (Josh Randall) and his girlfriend, Sheryl (Brianna Brown), go hiking in West Virginia, their idyllic getaway quickly turns into a nightmare they can't seem to wake from. Their choice to follow a less-traveled trail brings them face to face with a homicidal backwoods family with a creepy religious agenda. The next day, when Sheryl vanishes, Mike must comb the woods to find her, enduring a series of horrific events.