Thursday, September 25, 2008

thursday night storm stuff

It is a dark and stormy night here in Ravensdeath Manor...

Storycast has posted the first of it's Halloween shows - The Black Cat's Message.

DannyChoo offers supercool, though unintelligible to a non japanese speaker such as myself, clips from a Beat Takeshi hosted paranormal panel show "Unbelievable". The topic here is Ghost Photography Japan-style.

Cosmobells is hosting all the Mighty Samson and Kona: Monarh of Monster Island comics you'll ever need!

Ain't it Cool Fantastic Fest reviews:
Cool-Mo-Dee has a classic Thunderbirds comic for your nostalgic enjoyment.

Steven Spielberg Might Direct John Wyndham's Chocky? (Firstshowing)

Splinter - Trailer

Nightmare Boat Doll (October Effigies)

No Smoking in the Skull Cave champions the somewhat underground art horror of "Blood for Dracula" and "Flesh for Frankenstein"

Final Girl unlocks the childhood nightmare that is Medusa!