Sunday, September 28, 2008

sunday evening stuff (haunt how-to, naughty book covers, stuff)

while I mourn my miserable Mets here's some stuff...

Let the Right One In Trailer & More Confusing Updates on Pixar's John Carter of Mars @

Oh my... Misteria - raunchy horror book covers @ Blonde Zombie (nsfw)

The Secret of the Moaning Ghosts @ the Horrors of it All

Wondermark #446; In which a Toy prevents against Neglect

Cinema Fromage reviews Mulberry Street.

Some Haunt tutorials...
DVD Talk Reviews:
One Step Beyond : Brainwave
Aboard a United States ship in Japanese waters during World War II, Captain Fielding is critically injured. A hospital corpsman must perform surgery with only the radio voice of a doctor on another ship to guide him.

NTF22f (by a75)

Beware the Headless Horseman! (by katznstamper)