Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday evening stuff

In honor of "that scene from Fringe' here's io9's The Best Skin Melting Scenes From Scifi.

More Fringey stuff from TV Squad: You have some questions about Fringe, so here are some answers

and finally from Fringe Bloggers comes Fringe Premiere Episode 1.01: Scifi Vs Reality.
Can you interrogate a dead person?
"...It's apparently quite possible to extract information from a corpse as long as it's been dead for no more than six hours—and as long as it's only on Fringe. "There is no way to gather information from a dead person's brain," says Dr. Milstein. "However, if a patient dies suddenly, there is a short period of time—between minutes and hours—during which a neuron might be able to transmit a signal." Nonetheless, Milstein says that without specific pathways set by a living brain, it serves no purpose. The experiment would be similar to sending a current down an electrical wire with nothing attached to either end. Good thing Fringe is far from over..."
and finally finally here's next week's Fringe trailer (spoilers)

Random Acts of Geekery opens up Movie Monsters #4
"...Movie Monsters was Atlas/Seaboard's entry into the monster mag field. This issue was the last one of this magazine's short run. As we get into this, you'll see some ads that will be very familiar to you if you've ever read any of the 1970s Atlas comics!..."
Monster Memories shares the 1974 Nightmare Yearbook!

The Third Season of Jonathan Creek is finally coming to the States.

Unspeakable Horror
points out a terrific, and new to me, lycanthropic blog - Werewolf News

Variety SF
notes that Mimsy Were the Borogoves (wikipedia info) is now available gratis, online at scribd.

Ian Jane
reviews It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown over at DVD Talk.