Thursday, September 25, 2008

thursday afternoon stuff

Cinebeats remembers the Japanese monster flicks 100 Monsters aka Yôkai hyaku monogatari and Yokai Monsters - Spook Warfare aka Yôkai daisensô

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HTF announces the 9th Annual HTF October Scary Movie Challenge!

Retro Slashers gets it's own trailer!

SF Signal's first impressions of The Mentalist.

Ten Horror Sequels and Remakes that Top the Originals @ suvudu

Now that the new TV season's well and fully underway I figured I'd jot down a few notes on the subject...

Fringe: Pleasantly surprised. Thus far the only new show I actually look forward to watching.

The Mentalist: Not so much a horror genre related series - I guess I hoped they'd do more with the psychic bit. As many have suggested it's essentially Psych with serial killers and less slapstick. However, I thought the first episode was pretty good and I'm more than willing to keep watching.

Sarah Connor/Terminator thingie: I wanted to like, no, I wanted to love this show but I don't. I have no emotional attachment to any of these characters, I don't believe in them. I've ditched my season pass (again) and will catch up on and Hulu.

Destination Truth: This is the one high-ish profile ghost/monster/ufo hunting series that doesn't take itself too seriously or try to defraud the viewer at every other turn. There have been a couple of times this season where it looked headed in the night vision heavy, fake shock-a-thon bin (the haunted Malaysian Mosque for instance) but I have faith in Josh Gates who's simply too cool to go total woo.

I'll miss Eureka, until it returns next year, and I missed the last few minutes of the last episode thanks to what, wrestling? On Scifi? Idiots - both me and them - I should have checked my season pass and padded the episode - they should have never canceled MST3K ( yeah, I can hold a grudge) or started showing wrestling!