Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour @ Hulu.com

Hulu has just added a bunch of episdes from the acclaimed, and often macabre, anthology series The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.

Newly added episodes include ...
Alfred Hitchcock Hour: Lonely Place (s3 | e6)
A knife-wielding hired hand drives a farmer's wife to murder.

Alfred Hitchcock Hour: The Photographer and the Undertaker (s3 | e21)
It's a struggle for survival when two men employed by the same murder organization meet in a tense showdown.

Alfred Hitchcock Hour: Thanatos Palace Hotel (s3 | e15)
After an unsuccessful suicide attempt, a man is invited to a hotel with other ''suicide club'' members.

Alfred Hitchcock Hour: The Monkey's Paw -- A Retelling (s3 | e26)
A gruesome surprise awaits a desperate man who thinks that a monkey's paw will bring him financial luck.

Alfred Hitchcock Hour: One of the Family (s3 | e16)
A child's nurse is suspected of murder.

Alfred Hitchcock Hour: Thou Still Unravished Bride (s3 | e22)
Only hours before his wedding, a London detective discovers that his American fiancee has disappeared.

Alfred Hitchcock Hour: Where the Woodbine Twineth (s3 | e13)
An intolerant spinster falls apart from stress as she tries to raise an orphaned niece who has imaginary friends.