Monday, November 24, 2008

more monday morning stuff

It's Monster Monday again at Random Acts of Geekery

Magic Carpet Burn offers a hairy Tale of Voodoo

Monster Memories unearths a 1969 Reader's Digest article on Night of the Living Dead

Always a great selection of e-book and audio (and more) gems at Quasar Dragon.

The Lady is a (Sexy) Witch, 1950

If you haven't seen Young Frankenstein on Broadway yet, your time is running out.

Frankenstein's Womb

Everyday Reads reads Charlaine Harris

Netflix Watch Instantly (req. acct.)
Stephen King's spine-tingling tome is the inspiration for this 1980s thriller starring Drew Barrymore as Charlie, an 8-year-old girl with a dubious gift: the ability to ignite fires with just a glance. But her gift quickly proves to be a curse after a mysterious government agency sets out to capture the girl so they can study her -- and then destroy her. Can Charlie and her loving father (David Keith) outrun them long enough to save their lives?

also ...

7 More Superpowers The World Can Do Without (Mental Floss)

WHEN EXTRAS ATTACK (or: when disc 2 is actually better than disc 1…) @ Twitch

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