Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Spooky Links for Nov 11

mothman & associate (by crionicmind)
mothman & associate (by crionicmind)

Cool-Mo-Dee shares Out of the Night 12

Kindertrauma visits Pet Sematary

And Now the Screaming Starts takes a closer look at that HMV "Top 50 Horror Films" Poll post at Vault of Horror we linked to yesterday.

Real Cthulhu Science: Octopus had Antarctic ancestors! (Chris Perridas)

Comics Coverage selects The Top 10 Comic Book Robots

Dread Central creeps us out with A Dozen New Stills From The Children

Bond Week: A Look Back at Bond Posters of the Past @ First Showing

Jeff Pinkner's L.A. Times interview at Fringe Bloggers: "Nothing On Fringe Is Accidental" plus info and spoilers for tonight's new episode at Fringe Spoilers

The Horror Section examines the new TV season's genre offerings thus far - Horror On The Tube: Fall '08

Van Norris: Surrealism in American Animation @ TheoFantastique

The Lightning Bug's Lair reviews Dario Argento's Opera

Para Abnormal #200!

80 Great Posters of Not So Great & Even Worse Sci-Fi Movies 1950 - 1965 (Cinemacom) (via SciFi Scanner)

SF Signal reviews the 40th anniversary Blu-ray release of Planet of the Apes

Hellboy II: The Golden Army 3 Disc set review at HTF

Other neat stuff...

Dr. Seuss' Roscoe the many-footed lion Toy
@ Super Punch

Selections from Peter Arno's "Sizzling Platter" and "Hell of a Way to Run a Railroad"
@ Hairy Green Eyeball

Al Jaffee's Tall Tales @ Those Fabuleous Fifties