Friday, November 07, 2008

Afternoon Link Trawl

Blu Gilliand reviews the new antholgy Brimstone Turnpike, edited by Kealan Patrick. Burke.(Dark Scribe)

Zombo interviews Monster Nation author David Wellington

Better Zombies Through Physics Goes CC (Tor)

One City, One Book 2009 = Dracula

"The chosen book for the 2009 Dublin: One City, One Book is Dracula by Irish author Bram Stoker.

Now entering its fourth year, Dublin: One City, One Book is a project designed to encourage everyone in the city to read the same book during the month of April each year. The project promotes reading in a city which boasts one of the world's greatest literary heritages including four Nobel Laureates."
Occult Detectives in Literature profiled at Lovecraft is Missing Part 1 | Part 2

Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies revisits Halloween III

Tom Hanks gets lost in Mazes and Monsters at IGN

The Lightning Bug's Lair presents The Films of Mario Bava

Five Spellbinding Films You Never Knew Were Fantasy (SciFi Scanner) plus Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster

Jess Franco's The Devil Hunter reviewed at Giallo Fever

Attentiondeficitdisorderly chews on Bone.

Kindertrauma remembers the 1974 trash TV classic Born Innocent

Dollhouse Trailer at Worst Previews

Frankenstein and the Mermaid (Hugo Strikes Back)

Radio Drama Revival Presents Chatterbox Audio Theater's The Dead Girl.

Well Told Tales Podcast presents "Particular Tastes" by Bosley Gravel