Sunday, October 04, 2009

Day 4.3

Mario Bava - Blood And Black Lace (14) (by senses working overtime)


Day of the Woman on Trick or Treating

Werewolf #2 & Robbie The Werewolf
@ Magic Carpet Burn

Halloween w/ the New Addams Family
@ Cinema Somnambulist

Vintage Hallowe'en Ephemera
@ Trixie's Teats

Bucket o' Ugly
@ plasticfetish


12 of 13 (Ghosts) @ The Gallows

Shrunken Needlecraft
@ Para Abnormal

The Thing
@ Tomb It May Concern

The Amityville Horror (1978)
and The Legend of Hell House (1963) @ She Blogged By Night

Rosemary's Baby, Lost Highway, Trouble Every Day (and creepy Annie Hall) trading Cards
@ automatic lifestyle dispenser


Stanley Kubrick's 2001: An Existential Odyssey
@ Senses of Cinema


Uncle Silas (1947) @ Land of Cerpts and Honey

The Man Without A Body (1957) @ The Horror!?

Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks @ Tomb It May Concern

Not coming to a theater near you

The Gorehouse Greats Collection
and Seventh Moon @ DVD Talk

Radiation-Scarred Reviews

Paranormal Activity
@ Horror Hacker

@ Negative Pleasure

Daybreakers @ CHUD

Mystery Team @ WAMG


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - The Complete Second Season
@ DVD Talk


Invaders From Mars (1953)
@ SF Signal


A Ghost Story by Mark Twain


The Imago Sequence @ The Kind of Fave You Hate

Loaded Bible
@ Taliesin Meets the Vampires


From Beyond the Unknown #4
@ Cool-Mo-Dee

Haunted 19
@ Negative Pleasure