Friday, October 02, 2009

Day 2.3

crawling eye (by senses working overtime)


Resurrecting Halloween

Rotten's Choice Cuts: 10 Halloween Treats @ ShockTillyouDrop

Final Girl's awesome movie poster friday - the HALLOWEEN edition!

Halloween 2009, Part 2!--Whittemore and Lowe, Jill Whitney, Lee Hartsfeld

2002 BK Creepy Classics Simpsons @ My Two Yen Worth

Monster public service announcements @ Cool-Mo-Dee

@ Movie Morlocks

Glow in the Dark Jellies and Punch Bowl Ponds @ Chow

31 Days of Spooky Toys! Day2: Plasma Kreaps Friday - Gargoyle Edition! @ Geek Orthodox


The io9 Guide To October Science Fiction

The best zombie movie ever?
@ She Likes to Watch

Stargate Universe Is Something Even a Non-Fan Could Love @ io9

Poe, Poe Pitiful Me @ Exploitation Restrospect

Documentary Celebrates the Long Reach of Lovecraft's Tentacles
@ io9


FEARnet's Favorite Fear Eaters Part 1

Rating Zombieland's Awesome Ghoul-Killing Weapons @ Underwire

6 Important Life Lessons From The Twilight Zone
@ io9


Who Slew Auntie Roo? @ Final Girl

Dawn of the Mummy (1981) @ MMMMMovies

Living Death (2004) @ Twitch

Twilight Phantom (2007)
@ Black Hole DVD reviews

Paranormal Activity
@ Screen Junkies

Offspring (2009) @ The Film Fiend

Grace (2009)
@ The Lightning Bug's Lair

Zombieland @ AMG

@ io9


'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 1.4
and 'Supernatural' Episode 5.4 @ FEARnet


Drew Daywalt's "Bedfellows"
(winner of the 2009 “Halloween Horror Nights-Chiller Scary Good Film Competition)

Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932)
@ Divers and Sundry


Across the Stargate Universe

The Twilight Zone @ Edward Copeland on Film


The Latest Tales from the Twilight Zone
@ io9


From Beyond the Unknown #2
@ Cool-Mo-Dee

Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural #1 preview
@ Comic Monsters