Sunday, October 04, 2009

Day 4.1

cap070 (by senses working overtime)
King of the Zombies


Bob Burn's Hollywood Halloween Preview Video

The Witch's Dungeon

NYC Haunted House - Nightmare: Vampires @ The Jaded Viewer

Great Short Stories for Halloween
@ Vintage Horror

Bigfoot that looks more like a Yeti! and Zombie Pirates are 50% nerd gold! @ Branded in the 80s

Hair, Beards and Wigs & The Derelict @ Magic Carpet Burn

Worst Halloween Costumes Ever
@ Monster Land

Spooky Cocktails: Part 1 @

Horrifying Halloween TV Advertisements

Freddy Krueger and the Fat Boys
@ Midnite Media

The Halloween Anthem
@ Secret Mountain Laboratory

Halloween is Grinch Night @ Friday Nite Fries

The Life and Death of a Pumpkin @ The Captain's Ramblings

The opening credits pumpkin from Halloween (1978) @ Universal Horror Sounds


@ Trixie's Treats

Coming Attractions of the Past
New Wave Frankenstein @ plasticfestish

News /Features...

Max Brooks & Zombies on CNN @ Suvudu


HorrorBid's Top 10 'Scariest' Haunted Attractions


First Spaceship on Venus (1960, 1962) @ Republibot

Munsters Go Home (1966)
@ Taliesin Meets the Vampires

Radiation-Scarred Reviews

Cameron's Closet (1988) @ AICN

Army of Darkness (1992) @ B Movies and Beyond

Body Puzzle (1993) @ Tomb It May Concern

The Toolbox Murders and Zombieland @ Benevolent Street

The Convent (2000)
@ The Horror Effect

Drag Me to Hell [Unrated Director's Cut]
and The Gate @ DVD Talk

Livestock (2009) @ The Horror Press

Pandorum (2009)
@ Top Horror Movies Club

@ FearZone

@ Freddy in Space

The House of the Devil @ Horror Squad

Paranormal Activity @ Movie Moron


Stargate: Universe: "Air, Parts 1 and 2 @ Republibot

Lost Rewatch Week #16: Enter 77, Par Avion, The Man From Tallahassee & Expose @ Get Lost

Doctor Who: Revenge Of The Cybermen (1975) @ HeroPress


Saturday Morning Cartoons: The Steampunk Edition: "Jasper Morello," "The Aeronaut," and "The Gentleman's Duel" @

The Body Snatcher @

Terry Gilliam's The Miracle of Flight @ SF Signal


Good Ghost by Quiet Please
@ Relic Radio

Library of the Living Dead 91

Beam Me Up # 177 Monster on Mandrake St. - Davies + Snapped String - Sayell

Audio recordings of Lovecraftian fiction made available at the Internet Archive @ The Lovecraft News Network

Spies, Crime...

Spy-Hunters: Vengeance in Vienna
@ Mister 8

Storm Warning (1951)
@ Noir of the Week

Danger With Grainger - Missing Necklace (1956) and Jeff Regan Invetigator - The Lawyer And The Lady (12-04-48) @ Boxcars711

Suspense - Murder Off Key
@ Escape and Suspense