Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 15.1

Halloween-Peeping Witch (by senses working overtime)


Ravensdeath Archive

Jack-Chop (2009)
@ ariescope

The Second Annual Kindertrauma Halloween Parade (It's On!)

Howlin' Halloween - The Sounds of Spook Stuff
@ Magic Carpet Burn

MY(P)WHAE's Halloween 2009, Part 10--Big Bad Wolf, King Kong, The Voodoo Man!

Idle Minds Inc :Halloween Mix 2009

Frankie Stein and His Ghouls (3rd LP) and The Deadly Ones - It's Monster Surfing Time @ Rock 'n' Soul Ichiban

Greatest Album Covers #2: Horror Themed Records @ Retrospace

Bewitched Halloween Episode
@ Dartman's

Disneyland Window Displays
@ Dave Lowe

DC's Halloween preview post # 7: low cost Halloween ideas for Misanthrope (and you)

tekcor1's Spider cocoon victim
@ Halloween Forum

Halloween Costume Tutorial: The Spider!
@ Dabbled

More Spooky Vintage @ The Gothic Tea Society

Jack-0-Lanterns on a Large Squash
@ Vintage Postcard Blog

Donkey Kind inside a haunted house!
@ Neato Ghoulville

Halloween song/story of Greedy King Pete
@ not2scary/Halloween Forum

Halloween Random (Music & More!)
@ Secret Mountain Laboratory

Halloween: We Just Don't Get It
@ Socyberty


Munster, Go Home!
@ Classic Movie Monsters

The Horror! The Miscellaneous Horror!
@ 13 Visions

Return Of The Living Dead - Tarman Zombie Toy!
@ Monster Brains

White Zombie (1932)

Silver Shamrocked
@ when is evil cool?

@ Coming Attractions of the Past

31 Days of Monsters: #15, Minotaur!
@ Branded in the 80s

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein Spanish Poster @ Blog of Frankenstein

Mad Monsters #4 - Coffin Capers, Ghoul Giggles & More (TOR!!!) @ Magic Carpet Burn


How to steam up your old goth wardrobe @

A tribute to 'Doctor Who' legend Barry Letts @ Digital Spy

Michael Chabon ponders the dark side of ... 'Star Wars' Legos?
@ Hero Complex

Three Cheers for Chewbacca, SciFi's Ultimate Sidekick
@ SciFi Scanner

Bram Stoker International Film Festival (2009)
@ Draculand

'Paranormal''s path to success full of twists
@ Variety

"The Tweetenstein Project" @ Hammer


Detention and Death in the Top Ten High School Horror Flicks
@ Horror Hacker

Bad Guys We Love to Hate: The Best Film Villains in SF/F/H @ SF Signal

The 10 Most Awesome Cases of Portal Hoppery
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7 Horrifying Moments from Classic Kids Movies
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Chandu The Magician @ Rancid Popcorn

The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953) @ Classic-Horror

Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (1969)
@ Dr. K's

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (1974)
@ Final Girl

Psychic Killer (1975)

Possesion (1981)
@ Acidemic Film

Rats - Night of Terror (1984) and Seventh Moon (2008) @ The Horror!?

and Martyrs @ B Movies and Beyond

The Last House on the Left (2009)
@ Kindertrauma

Offspring @ DVD Talk

Dark and Stormy Night
@ Variety


Lost: Mysteries of the Universe Part 4 - The Dharma Initiative
@ Hulu

Rewatching LOST: 3.16 "One of Us"
@ Approaching Lost

Doctor Who: The Ark in Space 1 2, 3, 4  and The Sontaran Experiment 1 @ The Chronic Hysteries

MST3K Episode Guide: 810- The Giant Spider Invasion
@ Satellite News


Vincent Price on What's My Line

CineMassacre: At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul (1963) & This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse (1967)

Eastwick 1.3
@ Hulu

Eegah! (1962)
@ Classic Television Showbiz


Doctor Who: Hornet's Nest: The Dead Shoes Review
@ Total Sci-Fi

Doctor Who: The Day Of The Troll Review @ HeroPress


Free Fiction and Stuff
@ SF Signal

The Freddy Krueger Story @ Vinnie Rattolle's


Letters from Abroad: Two More Hugely Influential Fantasy Authors @

Grasping for the Wind's Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Author List


H.P. Lovecraft in the Tower of Shadows @ Diversions of the Groovy Kind

Star Trek: The Next Generation #36
@ Siskoid

Dark Shadows (Gold-Key) #16
@ Cool-Mo-Dee