Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 22


Frightening Filler
@ X-E

Halloween Decorations: How to Make Electric Candles and Star Wars Halloween @ Dabbled

Halloween flashback 59 @ Neato Ghoulville

Halloween Wallpapers
@ Azathoth's Abode on the Plateau of Leng: The Dungeon

Witches and Black Cats
@ Spooky Laboratory

Castle Dracula Funhouse Colorforms
@ Panic on the 4th of July

Hauntcast 12 :: Night Of Frights

Dance you Devils
and Swing, sinners, swing! @ Arbogast on Film


"Ghost of Frankenstein"
@ Classic Movie Monsters

Optical Illusions - The "Vanity" Paintings @ The Gothic Tea Society

31 Screams: Maribel Martin @ Arbogast on Film


Horror Bloggers Reveal Their Weaknesses
@ Horror Blips


South Park: Top Ten Satan Moments

This Stuff Sucks: The Worst Vampire Merchandise Ever @ The ISB


Caffeinated Joe's Theme Thursday: TRAFFIC

The Giant Claw @ Thiel-a-Vision

Evil Face
@ ER

The Prowler @ The Metal Misfit

Demon Seed and Stage Fright @ AICN

Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural and Ghoulies / Ghoulies II @ Mother Firefly

The Devil's Advocate (1997)
@ notcoming


Secrets Of Fringe: Episodes 201 - 203
@ Fringe Television

FlashForward Loses Showrunner
and FlashForward Preview: "Gimme Some Truth" @ IGN

Syfy Top 10: Stargate Universe falls in week 3; still Syfy's second most-watched show
@ TV By The Numbers


Super 8 Theater Presents: Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde @ Dartman

Mighty Mouse, "Frankenstein's Cat" @ Me and You and a Blog Named BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Horror of the Zombies @ Needcoffee

Re-Animator (1985)
@ Cinemassacre


The Satellite Singers and Orchestra, "Journey to the Moon"
@ Popdose

'Nightbreed' with Simon Bamford @ natsukashi


Tom Reamy
, Bob Leman
and Clive Barker @ The Kind of Fave You Hate


Giant Squid Covers @ Seduction of the Indifferent

Tales From The Tomb, Part 1: Rabid Carpet Claims Tenant Lives; Perky Artist Takes Own Life; Hiker Caught In Frigid Time-Loop
@ Stanley Stories

Tales From The Tomb #1, pt. 2: Male Wallflower Bewitched at Formal Dance; Adulterous Swinger Compresses Due To Prank @ Stanley Stories

Batman - Night of the Reaper
@ Friday Nite Fries

Chris Houghton covers Milton the Monster 1 @ Covered

Star Trek: The Next Generation #41
@ Siskoid

Review: Marvel Chillers #3
@ Comics Bronze Age