Saturday, October 03, 2009

Day 3.2

Dennison Halloween Crepe (by halloween_guy)
Dennison Halloween Crepe (by halloween_guy)


Spookshow Trailers @ The Naked Jungle

Bogleech Halloween Collecting October | September

Super 8 Theater Presents:Dracula
@ Dartman's World of Wonder

(Re)Animations: Cartoon Network [Spain] Halloween 08
@ Strange Kids Club

You Go Yurei, I'll Go Mine. @ My Two Ten Worth

Midway's Spine-Tingling Haunted House... @ Distinctly Jamaican Sounds

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1980) and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1958) @ Azathoth's Abode

The Monster Mash @ The Gothic Tea Society

Found Sound from Outer Space--Glenn Derringer

Disney's "Trick or Treat"
@ Creepy L.A.

Zacherle On American Bandstand - Dinner With Drac @ Cool-Mo-Dee

The Muppets Meet Alice Cooper
@ Friday Night Fries

Bewitched: 'Twas The Night Before Halloween @ Universal Horror Sounds

Roseanne: Halloween IV
@ The Moon is a Dead World

It's Halloween! @ Spooky Laboratory

Halloween kids from the late 60's keep strolling on by
@ Neato Ghoulville

Dave Lowe's Haunted Horseshoe

Bad Halloween Treats and Candy
@ The Metal Misfit

Haunted School House & Laboratory @ Wonderful Wonderblog

Charms of the Witching Hour
@ Vintage Postcards Blog

Free Printable Spooky House Calendar
@ Organized Christmas


Monster Cards, Part 1!
@ Random Acts of Geekery

Black Belly of the Tarantula and The Black Cat
@ Random Acts of Geekery

Vade Retro me Satana


31 Screams: Peter Wyngarde @ Arbogast on Film


It's Alive @ From the Depths of DVD Hell

Audrey Rose (1977) @ Final Girl

Nightbreed (1990)
@ The Lighning Bug's Lair

Zombiegeddon (2003) @ mermaid heather

Wisconsin Death Trip
@ The Gothic Tea Party

Zombie Girl @ The Vault of Horror

The Thaw @ DVD Talk

The Butcher @ And Now the Screaming Starts

The House of the Devil
@ Brutal As Hell

Zombieland @ AtomicFox


Ninjas vs. Zombies

The Bat (1926) @ Divers and Sundry]

Cinemassacre: White Zombie (1932)


Scarrie the Musical @ Vinnie Rattolle's


Star Trek: The Next Generation #26
@ Siskoid

Dark Shadows (Gold-Key) #4 @ Cool-Mo-Dee

The Vault of Living Death!