Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 12.3

Highlights Oct 1984 FC (by senses working overtime)


Ravensdeath Archives 2008

Dartman's World of Wonder

Rare soundtracks and Halloween music! @ Vinnie Ratolle's

The Soundtrack To Your Halloween (Part 2)
and Cap N Crunch Halloween Commercial @ Cool-Mo-Dee

mic214'a Pirate Ship @ Halloween Forum

Pumpkin Carving Informercial
@ bhsfx/Halloween Forum

Vampires Take a Bite Out of the Big Apple @ The Vault of Horror

THE 13 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN (2001 Family Channel Promotion)
@ Universal Horror Sounds

31 Days of Spooky Toys! Day 12: Dracula Mondays!
@ Geek Orthodox

Bradbury's Tree
@ Dave Lowe

Halloween III Masks by Don Post @ The Metal Misfit

It's Halloween: Rain Station


Uchusen Daikaiju Art (Part 7)
@ Giant Monsters Attack

Blood Freak
@ 13

31 Screams: Freda Jackson
@ Arbogast on Film

Monster Monday @ Random Acts of Geekery

Jethro Keane's Horror Hotel in the City Of The Dead


Zita Johann: The White Flame of the American Theater Blown Out by Hollywood @ Movie Morlocks

Your First Peek At Clive Barker's Latest 3-D Project @ io9

ABC picks up more 'FlashForward'
@ Variety

The Brothers Hickox @ ER


FEARnet's Top 10 Horror Movie Health Plans to Die For

The Paradise of Horror's Top 10 Horror Composers

Top 10 Greatest Space Zombies
@ io9

League of Tana Tea Drinkers' Worst Horror Movies

The 24 Cult Movie Characters Who Need to Be Made into Action Figures ASAP
@ Topless Robot


Bride of the Monster @ Badmovies

Bad Ronald (1974)
@ Final Girl

The Initiation of Sarah
@ Vinnie Rattole's

The Prowler
@ Dinner With Max Jenke

The Exorcist III (1990)
@ The Lightning Bug's Lair

Zombieland (2009)
@ Zombo's Closet

Offspring @ FSR

@ Undead Backbrain

Trick 'r Treat
and The Hills Run Red @ DVD Talk


Something Else: The Lion

The Mimic by Exploring Tomorrow
@ Relic Radio

The SFFaudio Podcast #039

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 165


Blacula @ Divers and Sundry

Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Episode 508 Operation Double 007 @ the manchester morgue

Blinded By Lens Flare: The Star Trek Gag Reel
@ io9

TRAILER TRASH: H.P. Lovecraft Edition!
@ The Vault of Horror

Paranormal State @ Hulu

Phantom From Space


Joe Hill
@ The Kind of Face You Hate


The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks
@ Bookgasm

From Beyond the Unknown #12
and Dark Shadows (Gold-Key) #13 @ Cool-Mo-Dee

Doc Monster @ Zuda

Terror of the Burning Witch