Thursday, October 10, 2019

Halloween Logged: Disaster Artists

(This one's actually leftover from my truncated Pre-Gaming Halloween set of posts)

Starflight One (The Plane That Couldn’t Land) (1983)

Should've been better given the cast and story possibilities. A wonderfully cheesy idea wasted.

Fer-De-Lance (1974)

Snakes on a sub. No joke.Good (for TV Movie)  cast including David Janssen, Hope Lange, Ivan Dixon, and WKRP’s Herb Tarleck - Frank Bonner. Sadly, nothing of interest transpires and a nifty premise is wasted

The Final Countdown (1980)

Pretty good Naval timeslip flick. Held up well on what must've been my fourth or fifth viewing.

The Wandering Earth (2019)

Wow, that was a long cut scene. Hopefully, now that China can make its own terrible blockbusters, Hollywood won’t need to pander to them as much. Well, a fella can dream, can’t he?


7:19 (2016)

Unlike most disaster films that focus on the catastrophic spectacle of the disaster 7:19 plays more like a muted two-hander between a pair of quake victims trapped beneath the rubble of a large office building. Based on a true event.