Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Halloween Logged: TIBMW - Tubi

Tonight I've Been Mostly Watching (crap on) Tubi...

Dream House Nightmare (2017)

An Asylum joint. Real estate horror. Not the worst thing they've put out, by far, but not at all good.

Against the Night (2017)

Ghost hunting in an abandoned prison goes horribly wrong. An evening spent watching horror movies on Tubi also goes horribly wrong thanks to the crummy movie Against the Night.

The Monster Project (2017).

Found footage. Something interesting probably happens at some point, some point after I gave up waiting.

Darkroom (2009)

Stultifying psychological horror.

The Night Evelyn Came out of the Grave (1971)

After four crap films, I had to go with something more familiar. Hadn't seen this giallo in ages so it was pretty much new to me. Sooo much better. Saved the night.

Maybe I need to filter out anything made in the last ten tears. Despite five decades of technological advancement and an explosion in film literacy sine Evelyn came out of her grave, so many modern indie filmmakers just can’t seem to make a baseline watchable movie.