Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Halloween Logged: Anthologies

I'm trying to only watch things I havent seen before, or in so long I can't recall them, but it's rough going. I've seen so many horror films over the last four decades - pretty much every mainstream and well-known cult flick -  that the occasional rewatch is needed just to wash away the bad movie taste once in a while.

(Rewatch) Tales of Terror (1962)

Not the strongest Corman / Poe collab but Peter Lorre is a joy in the Cask of Amontillado / Black Cat mashup

3 Doors of Horrors (2013)

Lightweight Asian horror.Adequate.

Strange Events (2017)

Low rent assemblage of random horror shorts masquerading as an anthology masquerading as a stranger Things rip-off trying to fool people into thinking its Stranger Things.

Watch if you Dare (2018)

More terrible amateur shorts.

(Rewatch) The Uncanny (1977)

Peter Cushing stars as a writer looking to blow the lid of the great feline domination conspiracy on this offbeat, but entertaining, anthology.

After Midnight (1989)

Decent late ‘80s offering.